Mushroom Walnut Burgers | My Best Veggie Burger Recipe

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Mushroom Walnut Burgers | My Best Veggie Burger Recipe

These mushroom walnut burgers give me everything I want in a great veggie burger recipe. They’re amazingly juicy, even though there’s no meat. They’re also super flavourful and easy to make.

This recipe can easily be made vegan too. Head over to my website for more info.

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Barb M. So beautiful !!! says:

Yum. ! I made this burger. . So good! Thank you

Raniel Sarmiento says:

uh boy this is nice and healthy 👍🏻❤️

Mrs Right says:

You’re channel name and website name is genius !


Admit it, your body misses meat. Why would you make meals that look like that?

Ayse Dincer says:

I used aminos cocos instead of worcester source, anyway result was very very satisfying.

Ayse Dincer says:

It came out as a wonderful burger. Very yummy. Probably best veggie burger I had. We kept in freezer 30 min before frying it in a very hot steel pan using hazelnut oil. For next time I consider to put 1 more egg to make it easier to fry as 1 piece. Paula, what do you think?

Fernando Alvarado says:

Hello, a couple of questions…Can I use lentils instead of the black beans?? And what can I use instead of Worcester sauce?? I can't find it in my country

VeganLounge says:

Wow delicious 😋 veggie burgers. As a vegan I will put chickpeas instead of eggs. I will definetely try to make this receipe 🍔

DynamicsDiva says:

If gluten-intolerant, I would use oats instead of bread crumbs. Will try this!

all things gumball says:

Here is how you pronounce Worcestershire woo stir sure

Mark Rothenberg says:

Sorry, for me I would have dumped the mushroom mixture into a glass or metal bowl to help cool it down. Basically you have the food you are trying to cool in the hot pan.

Tony Tube..Beyond The Stars says:

It's because of the beef industry losing money ,I think,and yes I agree what to call sandwich or burgers

Erika Dorogi says:

Thank you for this recipe. Surly a keeper !!!

Grace Ratahi says:

How long would the patty mixture last in the fridge? 🙂

Nal Tha says:

I think you can omit the egg, add some BBQ sauce instead

John Greene says:

Here's an opinion….if it taste good…call it what u want….lol

Lyn Flom says:

I would love these, but, I have kids that don't like mushrooms. Do they taste like mushrooms?

23Toyboy23 says:

Great Recipe- i will try it.
About the naming Problems: the main thing is that the Customer knows what it really is. A Burger is a Pettie from minced Meat on a Bun. But i guess it must be ok to call it a vegetarian Pettie ala Burger(or Burger Style). Take for example Black Forest Ham:it must be made in the Black Forest Area vecause it is a regional Speciality. But it is legal(in Germany) to Produce Ham Black Forest Style(Schwarzwälder Art). So theCustomer can see that it's not the Original Stuff but made the same Way.

Pete Engelhardt says:

I wonder how this mixture would work as a meatloaf?

MrFastXX says:

Only salt and Worcestershire sauce??
I doubt their "flavorfulness".
They look good, though. Really wanna try this.
….with some flavors. Paprika powder, onion powder, garlic powder, black pepper, bit of liquid smoke, change worch to soy sauce, a bit of black sugar.

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