The Vegan Roadie: Ciao Italia! (S03E06) ROME

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In the final installment of The Vegan Roadie Season 3: Ciao Italia Dustin ends up in Rome. Find out where to get vegan snacks on the go while your getting in touristy sights, where to get some serious baked goods and savories, where the attitude paired with the food is just right and also where to kick it up a notch with some elevated dining. No matter what you are in the mood for, Rome has it for you, plant style.

NOTABLE MENTION (not in the episode) …
Romeow Cat Bistro:
Rifugio Romano: (get the carbonara and the fried gnocchi!)
Flower Burger:

The Vegan Roadie – S3: Ciao Italia! (S03E06) ROME:
Host/Creator: Dustin Harder
Director/ Videographer: Adam Peditto
Production Manager: David Rossetti
Production Consultant: Gretchen Sheridan
Executive Producer: Vegan Travel Club
Driver: Giovanni Passari

Original Vegan Roadie Theme Song:
produced/written & performed by Alicia Warrington (ASCAP)
Publisher: Spoons Who Feeds Em, Copyright 2014
Mastering: Hans DeKline (Sound Bites Dog)


Gurinder Kumar says:

I am in rome, this will really help

MrPorquoipas says:

I hopes after Cov19 you will go in other countries and to this again, absolutely great Quality this show and I was thinking I was watching a show from food channel, actually even better, absolutely great Job sad 2 years ago, but never know 2021

Kate says:

Sending this to my Roman Jewish friend!

Linda Gasper says:

Love this! We are traveling there in the spring! I’m going to contact the Vegan travel club…

Josh Chaides says:

Thanks for this!

Bongolethu Futuse says:

this is great! i'm vegan and will be visiting Rome later this month with my wife

Rags to Riches says:

Currently in Rome and this has really helped

littlelion Dillard says:

Go to Miami FLORIDA

sylvester01ful says:

Filling the void with millennial version of Parts Unknown. Too fast moving for Bourdain fans, though. Doesn't have that you-were-there feeling. Guess there's only so much interacting you can do in such short segments.

artichokez says:

dat vegan buffet doe

NayNay2015 says:

You should be on the Food Network!!!!!

Vicki S. says:

I'm SHOCKED this series doesn't have more views, or this channel doesn't have more subs! This is some quality viewing. Thanks man!

Gorana Trbić says:

Great videao and so useful.I live in Rome and i'm vegan and i did not know about half of these places! So thank you and keep up the good work!

Chris Organizer says:

I've loved watching ALL of your entertaining & helpful, fun episodes! So sorry that you won't be producing more, at least on YouTube. Thanks for your work – I like the mix of vegan food & travel, plus the 5 ingredient challenge! Hopefully your show will be picked up by the Food Channel, your show is better than any food show they currently have 🙂

Vegan Quo Vadis? Roma says:

For more suggestions check out the vegan map of Rome and follow the vegan page of Vegan Quo Vadis? Roma!

Jennifer Moore says:

This series was so wonderful. I'm sad it's the last one but am thankful for all of them!  I look forward to see what you do in the future!

Aimee Gargiulo says:

This has to be one of my absolute favorite shows because it combines my favorite things, vegan food, cooking, and travel! I went to Margutta twice while in Rome 10 years ago and it was wonderful! Can not wait to see where you go next! Thank you so much for this awesome channel ❤️

Mark Gailmor says:

Hey Dustin, is there any chance you will be offering the various seasons on dvd? It would be nice to watch them over and over again without coming to youtube. 🙂

simpzzi R says:

I'm sad I finished this series in just a day 🙁 When is the next season lol

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