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Who will line up and wait for food for 1 hour? We will if it’s for vegan spicy ramen at Ramen Danbo! Danbo is an international chain with two locations in Vancouver. The Robson location has a constant line up, but we always go there because they have a whole vegan section which is unusual for a ramen establishment. It’s fast, it’s good and it’s reasonably priced. This visit, we ordered the gyoza, miso ramen, shio ramen and the miso ramen egg. Watch the episode to see what we thought of our orders!

Ramen Danbo
Address: 1333 Robson St, Vancouver, BC V6E 1C6

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Stellar Wind by Unicorn Heads
Broken by Patrick Patrikios

Table of Contents.

0:00 – Pre-Show Comedy Gold
0:19 Introduction
0:39 Restaurant
2:13 Vegan Gyoza
2:49 Miso Rekka Ramen
4:23 Shio Ramen
5:34 Will We Return?
6:19 Subscribe Please.
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