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drinking game: take a shot every time I say vegetarian. what are some other weird foods that vegetarians and vegans can’t eat?


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Light Shift says:

Anchovies are fish. Vegetarians can eat fish dairy and eggs.

thelilgiraffe says:

your hair though It's so beautiful also thank you this helped a lot (I went vege a week ago and I want to make sure no animals where put into food that I eat)

Nasya Iloni says:

cheesecake? 🙁

Miguel Gaxiola says:

I love gumies and when I found out I couldn’t eat jelly ton and I thought all gumies had je letón tysm plis i love sour patch kids

Singinactressjuliana H says:

If you eat this you’re still a vegetarian. The point of being vegetarian is trying your best to not eat me if you do by accident that’s totally OK

Katelyn McDonald says:

Nah because mini wheats are my favourite thing ever woops-

Z Gatson says:


Jacqueline says:

Vegan Cheese does not have Animal products in it

Hannah says:

I know its not food but i found gelatin in my deodorant and quickly ordered myself a vegan, cruelty free roll on one. I'm glad i found that out because spray ons are bad for your skin.

Annie kitten says:

Some rennet is vegetarian and even vegan

Random One says:

Like why cruel world?! Some of my fav foods… have meat and stuff in it. 🙁

Tyra Collins says:

good thing i make my own refried beans

Sam Smith says:

Actual rennet is available in plant form and is more commonly used than animal rennet as it's cheaper to produce but you should still check with the manufacturer

Cinthia 9 says:

You are a vegan then?

greta says:

i'm a cheese lover and a vegetarian and i'm soooo mad that i can't eat some cheeses :'/

Yannah M says:

But as a vegetarian i thought we were aloud to eat things from animals just not the animal itself stuff as dairy that should be okay shouldn’t it? And also fish is not a meat


Rennet is used to “activate” the cheese most of the time, this is what makes the milk into cheese curds

Mike Wise says:

Beaver Butt Juice. Well, I guess I learned something today.

erin says:

lmao vegans have it so much worse why is milk powder in everything 😩

ani music says:

im actually pissed off at this list. AMERICA WHY DO YOU PUT ANIMALS IN EVERYTHING???????? >:/

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