Delicious and Tasty Vegetarian Meal | Healthy vegetable recipe

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Would you like to preapare a tasty vegetable meal for lunch? Check this video and prepare this healthy and vegetarian meal for lunch, it’s really appetizing and delicious.

Preparing this healthy vegetarian recipe is easy, and you really should try it, because it’s really tasty. Just prepare it!

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– Cauliflower
– 1 onion
– 1/2 lemon
– 2 potatoes
– 1/2 cup of milk
– Salt
– Pepper
– Dry origan
– Paprika
– Soy sauce
– Olive oil
– Dry rosemary
– Dry coriander
– Dry persil
– Garlic powder
– Chive
– Persil

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King Surendra says:

Wow!! This looks so good!! 😊 I have to try to make this one day! Thank you for teaching the world how to make this amazing dish! Keep up the great work!! 😇🙏

samia nouri says:

تبارك الله عليك حبيبتي كيشهيو

samia nouri says:

تبارك الله عليك حبيبتي كيشهيو

عالم ام ايمان says:

3rfti raki toooop akhti dina


واو ديما تتبهرينا

عالم وئام ببلجيكا monde de wiame de belgique says:

Super ma belle

Comer De Todo Blog says:

Wow!! your cauliflower looks delicious! i'll try to cook like you!

ايمان الطيبى says:

Very wonderful video thanks my friend

Wassafat aljamal وصفات الجمال says:

تبارك الله عليك حبيبتي كيشهيو 😋😋😋😋

Martha's Kitchen says:

Yummy recipe! Leaving you all my support 👍

Cocinando con El Flako says:

Mmmm, look delicious!!… 😋

فسحة أم آدم رحاب Fousehat oum adamrihab says:

Very delicious recept

عالمبهية Worldbahya says:


عالم زيتونة ZEITOUNA WORLD says:

فيديو روعة

مع بشرى - with bushra says:

ماشاء الله عليكِ .. ربي يعطيك الصحـة ..🌹🌹

مطبخ موني says:

So nice video I like it so much

عالم منار manar world says:


rifeya islam channel says:

ماشاء الله طبق خفيغ وشعي

قناة نص الدنيا اشغال يدوية says:

تسلم ايدك روعه ماشاء الله

kaoutar whb says:

نا جيت اختي 👍🔔🔔 مرحبا بك.عندي نستناك تنوريني

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