Jaguar XK – Luxury Car Bargain AND Future Classic? (2006 X150 4.2 Convertible Driven)

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The X150 generation was to be the final and arguably, ultimate iteration of Jaguar’s iconic XK coupe. Phil reckons it’s a future classic in the making and one to buy whilst they’re so temptingly cheap…
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Nick Brotherton says:

I am fortunate to have a 2011 XKR Black Pack and Speed Pack. What an awesome car. This Jaguar already a classic. My advice, get one whilst you still can at sensible money.

August XIII says:

Keys to ignition. Use at your discretion. Kf

jefris Orion says:

I have a 2007 xk coupe with one rich owner in the past lives in La Jolla, California. I own it for 2 years now and it only had 42k miles when I bought it now it has 46k. This car is a sweetheart. I will own it till I die. It's not gonna rust because it's all aluminum body like an airplane. It's a lifetime car. Even corvette owner admire this car. I used to love corvette but not anymore now. Corvette to me looks like a toy now since I own this car. It's got the power, the sporty and luxurious look while corvette has only the power and sporty looks. F-type is just like corvette. It has power and sporty look but no luxurious. XK will go classic if Jaguar doesn't revive it.

Classic Jags says:

I've had 2x 2007 XK`s and just bought an XKR 2007 fantastic car. Only problem with these cars is the ridiculous car tax £600 a year and i use it as a 2nd or 3rd car approx 2000 miles a year.

steven says:

I bought a 2007 XK convertible with less than 40K miles for $17K last year. I feel like a thief…absolutely love the car.

John G says:

I had an early 06 coupe, best car I’ve had. Just purchased a 61 plate convertible. stunning 😀

Lee Shaun says:

Wood trim would look better if it didn't look like it was stolen from your grandmas side table. Perhaps some aftermarket trim enhancing would be a good choice? Such a good looking car though. Great review.

Rob Wilmink says:

Beautiful car, a fine ride and will probobly proof to be a desireable classic in the nearby future.

Carl bigeasy says:

Whow there horsey… Let's just go back to that boot again?… Are you fucking serious haha, you couldn't even fit an over night bag in that, it's worthless for going anywhere except for a Sunday drive.
Nope afraid not

Dominic Patterson says:

I wouldn’t hesitate to buy one were it not for the fact that the ridiculous back seats won’t accommodate my kids, even just for the odd occasion. I’m lucky enough to have other classic 2 seaters. Shame really, I don’t understand what they were thinking when they went to the trouble of upholstering lovely rear seats only to remove any leg room whatsoever.

flamboyantstudioscom says:

Had a '67 coupe and convertible XKE in the early 1970s. Didn't think there would ever be another Jag quite as beautiful. Love my 2007!

Paul Gabolinscy says:

Beautiful car. I have a 2008 coupe.
Love it.

Harry Richardson says:

Bought a red convertable 4 years ago. Never regretted it. Normal driving pussy cat. Sports mode alley cat. Flappy paddles it can bite. Went to hungarian f1 2 years ago all alpine passes france switzerland austria italy 3400 miles aver 31 to gallon. Left Budapest 9 am 6pm in Nuremberg. Next day 9 to 6 Nuremberg to Calais. Next day Dover to Teesside home by 3pm.

Bill Holmes says:

I was lucky enough to buy the first coupe from my local dealer back in 2006 and I still own it. It has been very reliable and although it did not need it I had it resprayed a couple of years ago to give it a glass finish. I had an F Type R for 4 years but although I am a die hard Jaguar fan it was never to my eyes as handsome or as relaxing to drive. The reviewer said the XK was not as popular as it could have been but they sold better than the F Type has. They should bring it back and soon.

Ken May says:

Has to be the best GT ever made even today

TJA says:

XK's and Audi S5's (4.2) are for sure a car worth holding on to!

M JS says:

I have this car’s hard top brother. Bigger wheels, same wood and some options. A few years ago I looked at changing it for a 5.0 XKR but I wasn’t going to gain much. Find a good independent specialist, road tax is high but insurance is cheap, you can get 27mpg on the motorway and average about 21. The gearbox is good for it’s time and the traction control is better than some modern cars (they all have limits though). The electric aerial went on the 2007 model when it moved into the rear spoiler but I quite like the old charm of the Ford Granada aerial. It is quick and comfortable without being aggressive so that people will let you out into traffic. Oh and the coupes boot is actually quite big but forget the back seats other than for small children and the one time I did that the kids told me it was very small in my car. 😃

Peter Tromans says:

For me, they are wonderful.

Pickleman says:

Jaguar still have the knack of making a beautiful and desirable sports car. I love the lines and proportions of the XK, it manages to look handsome and powerful but understated at the same time. Not shouting"look at me everyone", it's an English gentleman. Damn, I want one!

Paul Thompson says:

The more I see these the more I like them. Great video thanks.

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