New MINI Is 20 Years Old! Is It A Classic? (2001 Y-Reg R50 Cooper Driven)

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The ‘new Mini’ divided opinion amongst Mini fans when it was released, but as it hits 20 years old in 2021, has it finally earned classic status?
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Ian Cairns says:

Have you or are you going to make a buyers guide to purchasing a new mini?

Sjur Gabriel Hasselgård says:

I bought a 2005 R50 the other day, somewhat by chance, and it´s lovely! Impressed by how well it has kept after 15 winters on salty roads here in Norway. Looking forward to get to know it better.
But – a classic? I have been around a lot of classic classics throughout the years, and most of them started out being just normal cars. I think I´ll hold on to my R50. It´s got all it takes to earn the classic status in a few more years.

maxsi64 says:

Fantastic car 🚗

Huw Jones says:

Gen 1 BMW MINI is a 'classic'. Especially the R53 supercharged Cooper S and JCW versions. Later Generations started to get too big. The R55 Clubman looks like an Aga from the rear. We can only be thankful it wasn't a direct replacement for the original Mini, they were/are horrible things.

debbie peter says:

I own a 2001 Mini Cooper and love it. I think they are great. This is my 5th Mini. So much fun to drive

Timbre says:

This chap is by far my favourite CW presenter; his intonation/deliverance is nice to listen to and that, combined with his wit and pure love for cars makes for very enjoyable videos. Well done!

Melissa Mobberley says:

Really enjoy ur video, didn’t bang on about hours power & all that, loved it 😍, good look round minis 😍❤️🥰👍🏻x

MAXEL says:

I always liked the original "new" Mini
I don't like the countryman, clubman, etc.
The same with the Fiat 500 and the "SUV" variants

V Spencer says:

I’ve bought 5 R50s now and they’re fantastic little things, I still have a very early example and also had a November 2006 build R50 which my brother now has and the later post June 04 is the car to have.
Saying that though I’ve never had a problem with any R50 and my 2001 £300 example I bought years back still looks as good as the day it came out the factory.
I wouldn’t touch a petrol R56 with a barge pole though as those timing chain eating Peugeot engines are complete merde.

Shankar Balan says:

Yes of course the BMW Mini is also a classic just like the original Mini. To me more than the R50 and R53, it is my little R56 Turbocharged 1.6 litre second Gen 2012 model Mini Cooper S with its N18 engine, which is the real modern classic.

Nigel says:

One of the few modern-ish👍 cars I would be tempted by.

Sean G says:

That car is one of the press relise cars

Richard Bullock says:

I absolutely love the whine of a supercharged R50 Cooper S.

paulb4uk says:

Only seems like they came out yesterday, mad to think the first ones are now 20 years old but it still looks very modern .

Wulls Wheels says:

Growing up, I never hated it, just didn't think it stuck to what the badge said it was when you compared it with the tiny classic, it was also rather pricey. Now though I think it's a great car and can appreciate it for what it is. The styling is incredibly well done and you can see the inspiration from the classic in the newer design. Arguably the BMW Minis are better every day cars for the 21st century, quicker, more efficient, safer etc but that's just it, the classic and the R50 were built for different times. The new Mini also has its own scene now like the classic had in it's heyday. It's a classic now, maybe not in the same way as the original Austin/Morris/Leyland/Rover etc Minis are seen to be but it's a classic in its own right.

Andrew Ingry says:

got a r53 Cooper 2005 done 33.000 miles love this and handles a dream new ones more tech but no soul

Hooked on Classics says:

Hideous German car i hate it with a passion. Needs to be burnt with fire.

Ivan Fernyhough says:

No,not a mini and they just keep getting bigger and bigger and uglier every year.

Tris Baxter-Smith says:

R50 absolutely superb. Everything else that followed, utter crap.

James Lewis says:

I don't think the original model of the R50 is that bad, but the newer versions are just too big. The Mini badge on them seems totally ironic since these cars are just fat.

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