UK Vegan Restaurant Wins 'Best Sunday Roast' / Brighton UK

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UK Vegan Restaurant Wins ‘Best Sunday Roast’ / Brighton UK

Watch and see what an award-winning Sunday Roast looks like!

The Roundhill Pub in Brighton England has just won the ‘Best Roast’ category in the Restaurants Brighton BRAVO Awards 2020 – and it wasn’t even a vegan category (which is what makes it so special).

A major win for veganism in the UK showing that plant-based meals can beat meat-based meals

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David Murray says:

Where are you tow originally from?

alexander paul says:

fantastic!!! =D

LiveWithLash says:

everything looks so good here

yumyumbaboon says:

Of course Salt sugar and fat can make almost anything taste good! So while this may not be the healthiest for us it’s a lot better for the animals!
Now where can I get a Raw Vegan roast…………..😉😂🤪🤪👍🌈

Jillian says:

It all looks great – do you know if any of it would feed a gluten-free vegan. Cheers

PL says:

Really want to goooooooooooo

Ann Pope says:

Looks delicious

Donna Nichole says:

I HATE this video… only for the fact that this restaurant is so far away!!! This food looked amazing! YUM

TAS106 says:

As a vegan I have roast dinners several times each week. I don't eat that differently than I did before going plant based. Seems to me that just about any traditional cuisine can be veganized.

Family Four Explore says:

Oh my god that looks soooooo good. Xxx

Zsofia Thompson says:

Omg I want to try it! Please don't call it a lamb though 😕

Sarah taylor says:

Can not wait for normality to resume, I shall be down and banging on your door

tadpole records says:

Looks so good, not tried this & I'm only 5 minutes walk down the road, will change that as soon as lockdown is over.

Jeanne says:

What’s the mock meat like?? I use to love lamb!

David's Allotment says:

Great video and it's good that a Sunday Roast can be veganised so there's no excuse for eating a Sunday Roast from animals.

Hannah Wilk says:

That looks amazing!!! I want it so bad!!! Thank you so much for making all these wonderful videos. Next Spring I can't wait to visit Brighton and try out all these eateries for myself 😀

Allison Briggs says:

What a great place. Congratulations to them and lets hope we get more and more vegan establishments. Great looking Yorkshire pudding and I'm from Yorkshire.

AD Sheldon says:

What an amazing pub !
Congratulations to them and another big up for good old Brighton!
Another reason why I love living here .

Vegans UponHull says:

Whilst I love Hull you guys are so lucky living around Brighton. Looks awesome; once this is all over we will be straight down there on a Hull meets Brighton tour.

Eleanor Wilkinson says:

Looks amazing 😋

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