EXTREME Iran Street Food Tour in Tehran, Iran! 500 KG LAMB PLATE + 7 INSANE Street Food in Iran!

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Street food in Iran is AMAZING! Today, I’m (The Food Ranger, Trevor James) bringing you in DEEP into Tehran, Iran, for a FULL ON street food tour with Mr. Taster!!! We’re tasting INCREDIBLE kababs, SAFFRON RICE, meat platters, BBQ, Iranian HALEEM, BREAKFAST, and MORE!!!

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Tehran is one of the oldest and most vibrant cities in the world and has one of the BEST street food scenes too! You need to travel to Iran to try the street food, especially the MEAT in Tehran! Everything is FULL of SAFFRON!!!

Today, we’re bringing you Foodrangin’ for LOTS of TRADITIONAL and AUTHENTIC Iran Street Food – including the AMAZING 500 KG meat platter and going DEEP into one of the OLD BAZAARS of Tehran! We’re also having Persian sandwiches and energy drinks too! My favourite was the butter kabab bowl1!

These Iranian foods are incredibly DELICIOUS, and worth traveling to Iran for! You have to taste this food at least once in your lifetime!

When you travel to Tehran, you will fall in love with the street food as soon as you arrive! Today, we’re starting out with a local Iranian BREAKFAST haleem and NOODLE dish! Serving 100’s of people every day!

It was found in downtown Tehran in an old bazaar, the Tajrish Bazaar, where there is hundreds of Iranian foods and spices to see!
Shop name: Haleem and Ashe Seyed
Address: Tajrish Square, Tehran, Iran
area where there is street food everywhere! The haleem was SO THICK!!

After this, we’re going DEEPER into Tehran by stepping into this HUGE BAZAAR, where there are 1000’s of street foods and stalls to visit! This is before we bring you to a MASSIVE IRANIAN MEAT feast in a TRADITIONAL IRANIAN restaurant!

We found a MASSIVE bakery serving traditional Iranian food like Persian bread soaked with date syrup!

And then Mr. Taster brought us to the most buttery Koobideh kabab wrap! It was SOAKED with butter and incredibly juicy!

Next up, we’re going to a local Iranian food served in LUXURY style, the PERSIAN MEAT PLATTER at Setaregan Ghaza in Tehran! Here, chef Kapitan Abhed uses his mastery to cook Iranian recipes and make the most tender kababs in the WORLD!
AND he covers it in a SAFFRON OIL and tomato onion sauce served with SAFFRON RICE!!

After tasting the meat platter in Tehran, Mr. Taster is bringing us to eat the MOST BUTTERY kabab bowl in Tehran, at Kabab Kasei Ardabil!

And we’re still going for MORE! We’re going for the PERSIAN energy drink at Alibaba Majoon, using SAFFRON ICE CREAM, rose water, banana, nuts, flowers, coffee, and more, to make the MOST POWERFUL persian energy drink!!

After this, we’re finishing up by going for Iranian Sandwiches to finish the night!! Found at Yeganeh Sandwich, Niloufar St, Khorramshahr, Tehran, Iran!

I hope you’re enjoying this big Iran street food video series! Thanks so much for watching, I would love to hear from you down below!

There is much more street food in our Iran food videos series, get ready for the playlist of a lifetime!!

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The Food Ranger says:

Persian food is AMAZING! Huge thanks to Mr.Taster https://www.instagram.com/mr.taster for bringing us to all of these INCREDIBLE locations! And huge thanks to http://www.cometopersia.com for helping arrange such an amazing trip to Iran! Please click that bell notification button down below and make sure to watch all the way until the end because this video has some INSANELY delicious food! Thanks so much for watching!

Lil HaFez says:

appreciat for showing the real Iran to world❤

Hussain Alheidary says:

I do remember its very nice food but its not cheap .

Sam Argha says:

I miss my Cuntry
Sam from Canada

Falsch Spieler Falsch Spieler says:

One advice: Don't watch it when you're hungry!😅🙈

Muhammad Hunain says:

Pakistan loves Iran♥️

Arpan Bose says:

Iranian food is 🔥
Respect from your neighbor India 🇮🇳

Sameer Khan says:

Beautiful people from beautiful place🥰

Sweartosadness 11 says:

مستر یه کیر کلفت دارم تستش میکنی؟

Aparna K says:

Woww, I never knw tht Iran is so beautiful. One day I'm definately gonna visit Iran. In india we've Irani people known as parsis (Farsi). In mumbai there are few famous Irani cafes

mohammad zabir says:

Love from india

merc cadoosis says:

My goodness – that food looked soooooooo awesome!

Samy 10ke says:

As an Iranian, the taste of these foods never gets old to me.

La Woull. says:

Very impressed with your linguistic skills brah…and I enjoy all the different countries you travel to….happy travels

Schrodinger's Cat says:

click and then I get hungry



Zaber Ansary says:

Mr Taster was such a great guide and co host. I miss him

{Antoine Roquentin} ZA-Virk says:

Love for Iran 🇮🇷 from Pakistan 🇵🇰

شرک کلفت says:

We are Iranians and I like you foreigners

Supersportcar says:

Tof to kose madare khomeni
Bayad in Gaza ha roo horde va be jaye toilet to gabre khomani Ried

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