3 Easy Vegan Recipes | Healthy Meal Plans 2020

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Sheet Pan Ratatouille with Polenta Recipe: https://www.healthymealplans.com/recipe-details/sheet-pan-ratatouille-with-polenta

Mexican Green Rice Recipe: https://www.healthymealplans.com/recipe-details/green-rice-and-black-beans

Mediterranean Couscous Salad Recipe: https://www.healthymealplans.com/recipe-details/mediterranean-couscous-salad
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Janet Mbene says:

These are good! Been trying to go off meat for sometime. This will help. Thank you.

olizvell __ says:

Oh..🤤 its ramadan now and i will faint

Laura Taco Bell says:

I made the green rice but it took over an hour to cook because the rice absorbed the liquid but didn’t cook, I had to keep adding more liquid and it took so long. What did I do wrong? It turned out tasty but it definitely turned into a bit of an ordeal instead of an easy and fast recipe


Any substitutes for the cornmeal

Brooks Odelia says:

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key Health says:

Great , great job, full fibre recipe best of luck, karyon dear

mythirdchannel says:

I've never made polenta on a broth (I'm a big believer in creamy creamy milk and cream ;)) , what's the result like? I've had "kosher" polenta before that was served on a meaty meal, and it was made on coconut fluid and I thought it was nothing short of a disaster … it was certainly something, but polenta it was not …

chatti ali says:

Bnuit mon amour

Laura Logansmith says:

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Amanda Pidgeon says:

I made the Mexican Green Rice today!!! Amazing!!

Kiera Townsend says:

I love watching your videos. I have recently been told that i cant have dairy so can u do more dairy free recipes please on all courses

agent K says:

Its national meatball day, I'll try these later.

Diane Varga says:

I made the sheet pan ratatouille tonight and can tell you that it is fabulous! I would say the balsamic is not optional. As the title says, it is a super easy recipe. I will definitely put this one in the rotation.

Amanda A says:

Thank you so much for these vegan recipes. They are a huge help for newbies like me.

suenoYume says:

Everything looks so yummy! But i am really confused about the couscous. It looks way larger than the one you can find in my area and ours here is definitely made from a grain (google translate calls it 'semolina') – but i am talking about germany here. Things ma be totally different in your area 🙂 So do you think swapping 'our' couscous with some tiny noodles would be better for this dish? I'm really confused sorry 😂🙏

Hlaing Myint Kyi says:

Looks really good.. is it possible to cook these on stove? The house I’m staying does not have oven..

Zoidschica says:

Ugh. I wanted to like the Mediterranean salad. But to me it was ok. Idk if it's just bc I'm so used to meat and processed bad for me crap. But I tried it at least. I'll keep looking for that recipe that will convert me to eat more veggies lol

Corissa Venrick says:

OMG the Mexican Green Rice recipe looks incredible!! I'm not vegan, however I'd like to incorporate more vegetarian recipes in my diet. It's hard for me to eat straight vegetables though because I'm weird with textures… so it's nice to get recipe ideas that infuse greens into them. Can you do some green soup recipes? I've found that making blended Green Soup has been an amazing way for me to get in my veggies without having to just eat a pile of them on a plate. I found this youtube channel's recipe: http://greponozy.com/22770479/greenvegansoup

However I modified the recipe by adding ginger, cilantro (instead of parsley), and onions. But, I tend to get bored quickly and need more ideas on blended/infused veggie dishes/smoothies/soup.

Catherine Garavito says:

That oven roasted ratatouille though 🤤

Light Space says:

I dont have oven

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