MAGNUM Ice Cream Rolls | MAGNUM Signature Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe – fried rolled Ice Cream | ASMR

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MAGNUM Ice Cream Rolls | MAGNUM Signature Chocolate Ice Cream Recipe – fried rolled Ice Cream | ASMR
Thailand ice cream – ice rolls
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This channel is just about Ice Cream.
Here you can find delicious Ice Cream Recipes, amazing DIY Tutorials, Street Food, Ice Cream Ideas from all around the world and more.
We also show videos about the famous Ice Cream Rolls from Thailand and we present you Do It Yourself tutorials to make homemade Ice Cream Rolls.
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Ice Cream Rolls says:

Activate the Bell – so you will never miss a Video 🙂

Krishna Kumari says:

Position is not good

Florida Dood says:

Baby Einstein space to element drive discovering the journey

Xyz Xyz says:

Hair revealed

Malacai Ronchese #stanevil says:

1:49 The cream really said "Nope, I'm outta here!"

Shirley Ho says:

Looks so yummy 😋😍😍

naira aqeela Azzahra says:

WOW 😮🤩

Adem Taha Mutlu says:

Ifollow you at 1milyon subscribe

Sameer Ali says:

It is very very very very very good💪👉🤜🏻👍🏻👌🏻

jaz angeles says:

How did you get milk that T H I C K

Mhel Cyriel Lagata says:

i like that dude i like that

Suriti Dutta says:

Giys , whoever is watching it for the first time please do wathch it with your headphones and play the video with a speed of 2x. You will feel the actual fun.


Pls show me your face pls

Shiaf Ur Rehman says:

He the best channel in word he made ice cream for people

KLEE says:

Is someone here doesnt like sound when u use fork and thrust the spoon on it and it make sound it make me die

Adeeba Khan says:

1:57 i saw your hair

Heena Purohit says:

How many rs

Sadbin Muyajul Haque says:

7:15..for the first time I hear his voice😂

Velimalayan SA says:

7:14 kidding

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