Is The Chrysler PT Cruiser The Worst Car EVER Made? (2003 2.0 Driven)

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From being the coolest family car you could buy at launch, the Chrysler PT Cruiser now sits on many ‘worst car ever made’ lists and is endlessly mocked by enthusiasts. But does it deserve it? Joe borrowed a PT Cruiser from our colleagues at Car Mechanics to find out…

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Ryan Schlag says:

My sister has a PT cruiser it’s so ugly that we named it ugly Betty i’m serious

mjbari3 says:

I always wanted a PT Cruiser, and was able to buy an '04 Touring Edition in 2005. Biggest piece of junk car I ever owned! Body was too big for the breaking system. I had to buy new rotors and breaks twice a year. Control arm bushings replaced every year to pass inspection as well.

Gustavo Uribe says:

My friend preorder her pt cruiser she was one of the first person to drive one people would come to her when pumping gas ask her what kind of car was that people like it just age badly

Stan M says:

BMW is junk motors do not work past 100 K.

peter papadimitriou says:

It was pretty bad

peter papadimitriou says:

Sir your driving on the wrong side of the road LoL

Snarl616 says:

a lady owned one in white. I'm sorry but the bonnet looked like a toilet cover, and the rear arches are not really retro.
Sorry, I don't like it at all.

Stan M says:

change the front tires and it turn better, the engine is fast for it's size, there collector cars now

leon prof says:

I have one, it's 2001 2.0, the description of this car in this clip is quite correct, and my conclusion is also, despite all the bad sides the car has, is a really good and cool car. Such a cool design family van won't ever find for that money. Tastes varies, but this IS a cool car

redmondial says:

Rubbish I had one ! Had 3 kids and as it had no transmission tunnel there was plenty of room, also it looked different than the run of the mill box on wheels. Never let me down once .. it was a bit thirsty tho 🤷🏼‍♂️

sportster davidson says:

I picked up a 2009 and im sorry but its nice , solid interiors no rattles and for 12 years old no rust and everything works perfect and even the steering is tight , no play what so ever . This pt i got was one owner 80 thow klm and i got it for 700 bucks nothing wrong with it , i felt like i stole it when i drove it home , i was never a fan of them but then i got one and i have to say i really enjoyed driving it home , i got it for my wife but i bet i will be driving it just as much lol ….retro of a retro how much fun can you get for 700 bucks …….

John Burgess says:

Love my 2007 2.4 PT. Yes they aren’t a driver’s car for handling and ride height. Clue is in the name cruiser. Lowering mine soon though to improve handling hopefully and add to its coolness.

JustJoel says:

I think that it's light years ahead of my mum's old 1.3 Austin Montego that wouldn't start in damp weather. I hated that car.

Paul Illingworth says:

I had a late 90s / early 00s Chrysler it was quirky but if bits could fall off …. err they did I’m afraid and at 63k / and 6 years old it was about done for autobox failed engine ok but dash like a Christmas tree and early signs of rot underneath I waved it bye! I then bought a 2.0 petrol Rover which lasted 14 years sold it recently at 22 years old almost 200k no problems at all, no real rot even at 22 years old, despite Rovers slating by media it was the best car I ever had, never let me down nothing went wrong no engine problems, just basic servicing.

clok1966 says:

PT is only hated as it aged like a 90's music star when looked at by the youth of today. In its day almost all car mags liked it. The hate is like those silly clickbait pages who take a movie star from 1960 and show a picture of them today and say how bad they aged. As an actual car, it was average, not bad, not good. See many for sale with 200,000 on them, not too bad for an average 20-year-old car. They are loud inside, underpowered at speed (as were almost all 4 bangers in the 90's), wore out front-end parts, and brakes a bit quicker than average. There were and are much worse cars made and being made right now.

thefilmandmusic says:

I like PT…

Theo Stickley says:

Actually I like them nowt wrong with a bit of retro

Alan Yau says:

PT stands for : Personal Transport , Personal Truck, Party Time, Piece of shiT (thats what I called one of mine) In the end the PT Cruiser is catagorized as a Truck , hence the insurance is really really cheap.

Magnus Walker says:

No, in my opinion the Citroën Ami crica 1970 was a disaster, it was all we could afford and always in the garage for repairs

Cornflakes Packet says:

I remember being in secondary school in the early 2000's and these were so common, like every street had one lunatic that bought one. Shame as some retro-esque cars from that era looked good Rover 75 and Jaguar S-Type.

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