THE BEST VEGETABLE SOUP 🍲 Deliciously simple recipe to warm your soul!

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It is officially Fall (here) which means that it is time for soup. What better way to start the season than with a delicious Plant Based Vegan Vegetable Soup. This soup can either be made to be light and brothy or thicker and more robust depending on your preference just by cutting the vegetable stock. This recipe was inspired by a friend asking us, “Can you just show me how to make a super simple vegetable soup that I can make myself?”

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Sindri27 says:

This looks so good and I am already in the mood for soup.

Mary Casasnovas says:

This looks delightful! I’d love it if you would also show how to make it without the pressure cooker.. I don’t have one and I’m going to try this in a pot on the stove…. Love your recipes and have your recipe book!! I’m with you on soup too…. My favorite!!

Mary O'Connor says:

I don’t have an instant pot. How long should I cook it in a large pot?

718roseme says:

Hi. Love your channel but FYI one thing that specific broth has sunflower oil in it. Please recheck the label.

Greens & Things says:

This looks soooo Yummy,I'm thinking I should make this today,😍Thank you my dear for sharing today🙏🌼🍜🍲💙

June Hogan says:

Thank you for Sharing . As the weather here in Manitoba Canada begins its cold winters this delicious vegetable soup will be prepared to enjoy as a meal to warm up with .

Txnative7 says:

Or, you can just blend some of the potatoes to make it thicker. I love smoked paprika, too!! We're just now getting cooler temps here in Central Tx, this soup will be on my menu. Thanks!

Kijo says:

I have your apple crisp recipe in the oven baking as I type this, so THIS looks like it would be perfect for dinner and followed up with the apple crisp for desert! Thank you for all your recipes! ( I also use smoked paprika in so many dishes, love it! )

WatchDog says:

Looks like it was super tasty, awesome pot o soup there Jill, well done! Smoked Paprika is good in everything: noted.

JoAnn Wampler says:

Will this soup fit in a 6 quart instant pot?

LeeAnnah's Creations says:

I became a MEMBER last night!!!

Nicole Sykora says:

Looks great. I was just looking up soup recipes today when I got this notification! I find it interesting that we incorporate both the metric system of measurement with the Imperial system of measurement. I often need to convert one to the other. As a Canadian who grew up learning metric (with parents who used Imperial) I still find to this day that I use a mix of both and get stumped easily when I need to flip it. I measure weather in C and oven temperature in F.

Nancy Maateo says:

Thanks for sharing 🙏

Jane says:

I love all your recipes, and I can see this IS going to be one of my favourite go to’s 🌱😉👍🏼

nicole smith says:

Looks amazing!

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