DJ Jazzy Jeff – Vinyl Destination World Tour 2017 – BALI

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We had the opportunity to perform in Bali, Indonesia with a few days off. The crew and I hit the streets to absorb some of the local culture. Watch Rhymefest really get his feet wet.


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Kerron Manwaring says:

Ill be there one day.

djjuno106 says:

god bless you for mentioning the swastkia was taken and mutated from a symbol off unity and love too a symbol of evil.
too many people are ignorant over its origins and when i mention it people say im lying .
my familys from indonesia and if i knew you and the crew were there or if i ever see you guys when im visiting my family ill be sure to say hi and buy you all a nice drink and some nasi goreng 🙂

JamesParksandRecTV Ministries says:

Homie was preaching

DJMarkCornelius says:

Thanks for posting these man. Really, thank you.

Aaron Patterson says:

Big Homie.. Dropped some serious history. Thanks for that. I consider myself greatly appreciative for your lesson. Thank you.

Funky Doolittle says:

Rhymefest has always been underrated…PREACH BROTHER

Nodturnall Music says:

I greatly appreciate the history and lessons in this episode. I love it.

The KartelMedia Channel says:

This was so dope

mixxinmel says:

Great Episode, was uplifting and inspiring, keep up the good work crew!!!

Craig C says:

Another dope Vinyl Destination episode..keep bringing the Dopeness

DJMixxMastaAce says:

Meeting you all in person is on my Bucket List! I've got at least one more year so when you get to Cincinnati(Hopefully soon, lol) I look forward to meeting you! God Bless!!!

M Candace says:

I enjoyed this episode.So glad I subscribed to this channel. I always look forward to seeing your videos.

Jerry Spearman says:

Real hip-hop ✌🏿

Jerry Spearman says:

Dope episode I’m a big fan ✌🏿

:Leon :Edwards. says:

Rhymefest, he's a good guy 🙂

DJ Dynablend says:

Yes they are persistent but its easy to joke around with them and say silly things like "mmm dont really need that or I dont like the colour"! Any excuse to get out of buying of them can be quiet entertaining! Great video

DJ Dynablend says:

Just got back from Bali

dj mad says:

No need to go to church this week thanx.

Kinetic Energy says:

so inspiring…great episode

djwreck1200 says:

PREACH RHYMEFEST!!! dope episode!

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