Hearty Vegetable Soup Recipe | Episode 141

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Hearty Vegetable Soup Recipe | MACROS LISTED BELOW

It has been 0°F here in Michigan for a week straight so I just HAD to make this loaded vegetable soup to thaw my frozen body! Not only does this soup warm you straight to the core, but its soooo healthy and perfect for your 2018 clean eating journey! No joke, a giant bowl of this soup is only 1 point for weight watchers! Don’t think just because it’s insanely healthy that it doesn’t taste good, because the flavors in this soup are absolutely incredible. Have I ever let you down?! Didn’t think so.

Thank you so much for watching! And don’t forget to check out the calorie count and macros below!

xoxo, Court.


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Per Serving: 120 Calories | 4g Fat | 18g Carbs | 5g Protein

| Ingredients |

3 Tablespoons Olive Oil
1 Large Onion, Diced
1 Cup Carrots, Chopped
2 Bell Peppers, Chopped
1 ½ Cups Green Beans, Trimmed and cut into 1” pieces
4 Cloves Garlic, Minced
4 Cups Cabbage, Chopped
2 Teaspoons Italian Seasoning
¼ Teaspoon Cayenne
½ Teaspoon Dried Oregano
½ Teaspoon Dried Rosemary
2 Basil Leaves, Chopped
1 28 Ounce Can Crushed Tomatoes
7 Cups Chicken Broth
1 Cup Zucchini, Sliced
1 Cup Yellow Zucchini, Sliced
2 Cups Broccoli Florets
Salt and Pepper to Taste

| Instructions |

In a large 6 quart pot, sauté onion in olive oil over medium high heat. Cook until softened.

Add Carrot, bell pepper, green beans, garlic, and cabbage. Season liberally with salt and pepper. Stir well and sauté about 8-10 minutes.

Add Italian seasoning, cayenne, dried oregano, dried rosemary, and basil. Cook another 2 minutes.

Add crushed tomatoes, and chicken stock. Season again with salt and pepper. Bring to a simmer and cook for about 10 minutes.

Add zucchini, yellow squash, and broccoli florets. Stir and bring back up to a simmer to finish cooking. Cook time depends on your personal preference. For a super tender vegetable, simmer about 20 minutes. For a tender vegetable with a slight crunch, simmer about 8-10 minutes.

Refrigerate leftovers and enjoy for 4-5 days!


luciboop51 says:

How's Tucker?? 🐕

Opal Sky says:

I have a problem because I keep making healthy soups and stews but they're so delicious I overeat them which kind of defeats the purpose!

bear831tiger says:

I love it, after doing master cleanse 20 days

Laura_Lockett says:

I'm feeling a little under the weather today so I'll be making it 😊

Kai Alexandria says:

I just read the description for this video and I see you're a Michigander like me!!!! Lol
I can't wait to move down south cause this cold is overrated 😂🤣
But seriously this soup looks AMAZING!!!!!!

Michelle Keene says:

Can you usefrozen broccoli

Rick Girthquake says:

Up here in the Yukon we get down on soup daily. If someone freezes to death, we throw them in the soup. Someones cat dies, we throw it in the soup.

Sylvia Cernosek says:

Where are the written ingredients?

Trevor Smith says:

It's cool to see how relaxed she looks on camera now.

Shane Simpson says:

This is a fantastic recipe. Simple, and it let's the ingredients be the focal point. Excellent video, you gained a subscriber!

Gehrig Burnett Jr. says:

OBSESSED with this.

Ryan Gabrielle says:

I bet in 2018 you will be the new Rosanna Pansino you deserve WAYYYY more subscribers 💗👌😊!!!

DE Ackern says:

Wonderful video my friend 😀 Keep up the great work 😀

Guillermo says:

I really enjoy your channel a lot, i’m learning how to cook for the very first time and your videos are so incredibly helpful. Keep up the great work

bestbitesforever 💜 says:

I could totally go for a bowl of this right now! Love the clips added in 🙂

Akshata's Recipes says:

I like your channel and videos.I subscribed to your channel and have clicked the🔔 too.Please visit my channel "Akshatas Recipes"too😊😀😀😊

Jessica Dunkel says:

Dumb & Dumber clips for the win! I HAD to subscribe after those 😀 Oh and the soup looks wonderful! I often jam any vegetable I can into my soups, but with absolutely no regard for taste or seasoning. Would be nice to try out an actual recipe for once! Thanks!

celldweller69 says:

I'm just glad I was gone for 3 weeks for the holidays I missed all the negative temps! Got back to MI yesterday, and it was 30. I can deal with that, o, and I will be trying this recipe too!

Jenn Rex says:

Literally watched this and went straight to the store!!! I can’t wait 😊

Verla Schupbach says:

PERFECT for us diabetics!

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