How I restored a classic Range Rover and saved it from the junkyard // SOUP Classic Motoring

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The three year Youtube series about a home built, learning by doing DIY car restoration, captured in stop motion and brought together in one film. Buy a beater, work on it, learn new skills. Check out the series, and subscribe too.

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Soup Classic Motoring says:

To everyone here – THANK YOU! Just FYI on a couple of the questions and observations; The car was bought new by my uncle in 1991 and yes it lived by the sea, travelled on ferries often and made regular family ski trips to the Alps. It is much loved but worked hard and has 210k+ miles under it's belt. My uncle is a conscientious man and I got the car with a bulging box file of history that begins with the brochure and options list. It details every bit of maintenance, and shows that the car missed only two scheduled maintenance intervals. One by 40 miles, the other by 500. All others were carried out early. Over £48k was spent on money no object maintenance in 25 years of ownership before I took over. The car was just under £38k new with many options. The fact the engine has that mileage without major rebuild is testament to how well it was looked after. The trouble was the people contracted to upkeep the bodywork weren't doing a proper job, unbeknownst to my uncle. Regarding brakes, suspension and general mechanics; the calipers and discs were new just months before I started, they just look tarnished after three years lying up, the car brakes like a modern. The shocks and springs too look a little scruffy but again weren't on the car long. In short it drives tight and even the steering box is almost free of play for a Land Rover. Later in the video I cut out floor sections, and pull back welds that I had already repaired, this was to rectify poor welding that I identified having gained experience. Yes I used a €99 gasless welder from the supermarket. That's all I had, and no money. I didn't do a frame off resto because it took me completely by surprise, it was supposed to be a two month turn around for a quick fix, but the deeper I dug, the worse it was. There were many times I thought 'this is nuts, scrap it' but I wanted to prove what can be done with a determination and passion. Plus there's a Lotus Esprit on the channel that I want to restore to perfection, so I treated the Range Rover as a skills building jigsaw. Practice. I'd recommend that mindset to anyone who has always wanted to do their own car resto. If you want it bad enough you can make it happen! I worked on this full time, and it's just me. The video production work in the project was like a day job, soaking up hours and getting in the way. This Range Rover is dear to me and the family, but no one is under any illusions, the job I did is far from perfect, it wasn't financially viable [but I wouldn't have farmed out the work if I'd had the funds]. What I learned is as rewarding and enjoyable as being able to drive the car. I fully expect to do a body off restoration on it later. But not before I enjoy it for a few years first 😉 Thanks again! The other episodes explain the process and the average guy with no budget ethos of the build, and if you're into more, sub and catch up on the Lotus Esprit project. That's shaping up to be special. This project was funded by patron support only, you'd be surprised by how little it cost overall once you are determined to do the work yourself and make anything you can rather than buying. Any support you can give for the channel, whether it's a like/share/sub/turning on notifications/buying a tshirt, or direct financial support, will make a big difference and can be lent here:


what's the name of the app…why doesn't the person in the video appear…please make a video tutorial

Gapson76 says:

Breathtaking… Wonderfull Wonderfull Wonderfull…

Ajay Vekaria says:

wow – simply fantastic – just showing the work with no waste footage – this is the best car restoration video I have ever seen – thank you 🙂

jblue jblue says:

Excelente video buenísimo 👌

WJ the Home Builder says:

That Range Rover practically fixed itself!!

1carlsworth says:

That's insane
Never seen a car restore itself before – I noticed you helped with some bits 😂
Looks like slea head at the end

Good job 👍

Ruairi McCarthy says:


metropol2112 says:

Я не знаю, кто снимал это видео, но он гений. Ему нужно работать в Disney.

Ike says:

Okay but why? Considering time, money and labor spent it doesn't make sense. Or does it❓

Z.f. B. says:

you deserve 1 000 000 subscribers

David Whitty says:

Without doubt, one of the best videos I’ve watched on here! Love these vehicles but was mesmerised by the filming!!

Есть Жи says:

Работы выполнен миллион часов, а салон так и не почистил и кузов мог бы отполировать 😭

MrRasZe says:

amazed at how much work you did

quikesan says:


Sam C says:

absolutely brilliant I've just spent the last year and half In lock down restoring my 1996 landrover discovery 300tdi wish I had of made a video like this fr if I ever sell it to show how much work goes into a restore job. hats off to you mate had a few beers watching the video and enjoyed the whole thing

O Nkila says:

I came to see the nostalgia of Range Rover, maybe à min of my time… I ended up fascinated and mind blown by the art and cinematography of this video. Hands down, the most talented, most mind blowing video I’ve seen in years! And mind you I watch YouTube every day, thousands of videos… this has to be my top 3. Incredible

Jerin Fox says:

Couldn’t stay for the whole thing but excellent work! Great video!!

Tucker Stewart says:

This is a masterpiece! Beautiful rover!

Mario De santis says:

Fenomeni, bellissimo il filmato. Bravi.

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