Can I Fix The BROKEN Rover 600 Window?

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It’s finally time to start improving our Rover 600, but can Joe fix the wobbly door mirrors and broken driver’s window?
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0:00 – 1:34: Intro/Tail Light & Indicator Replaced
1:35 – 5:41: Door Mirror Replacement
5:42 – 9:10: Electric Window Fix


Will Welch says:

Awesome! That rover will be a minter in no time! With a bit if savvy and a few hours and many, many cups of tea…it goes to show what you can do with an afternoon of tinkering 👍🏻

Oliver Lane says:

I had the Accord 2.2 VTEC of this era as my 2nd car, absolutely loved it! I remember doing the window regulator job on that, EXACTLY the same, I seem to remember replacing the rubbers as well, brings back very fond memories. Sadly a friend of a neighbour swiped it outside the house (witnessed by another neighbour but denied all knowledge) and the fuel pump died so very sadly the end had come 😢. I would love another but they are hen’s teeth now 😢

Matthew Mason says:

If you ever get the chance, it may be worth checking behind the rear bumper for rot in the inner wing .. I bought a 600 earlier this year with a cracked rear bumper and when I removed it the passenger side inner wing was blown out .. hole the size of a fist into the boot 😅. There was no sign of this whatsoever from the outside as its obscured by trim pieces. It obviously hadn't happened overnight so probably went through an MOT or two in that state too haha.

Mark On Motoring says:

Very true, a good clean is often a good place to start and that's precisely where I began with my 97 Renault Mégane.

Paul Thompson says:

Top job Joe, and resourceful thinking at the end. One of my customers has the exact same car and colour as you, random I know lol.

Rab K says:

That's typical off second hand dealers sending whatever they like to customers, well done getting it sorted I hope you get your money back on that window regulator nice posting 🙂

datsunruss says:

Great result for small money 💰 That's always a good result. I did notice there was no door water shredder attached to the door when you removed the door pad. Water will enter the cabin if not fitted. You could use a bin bag cut to the shape of the old yellow mastic. Silicone sealer can be used as the bead to attach the plastic sheet.

paul taylor says:

Lovely Jubbly, enjoyed that video.

Harshith Sadhana says:

the rover 600 does look like r34 skyline

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