Mazda MX5 Roadtrip To Silverstone!

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With Japfest making its return in 2021, Joe decided to make the most of the event by attending in an immaculate example of the Mk1 Mazda MX5, a darling of the Japanese car scene!
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Paul Thompson says:

A great video and s lovely car. I've had both a 1.8 UK spec and a 1.6 Japanese import with modifications. Well worth a try if anyone is considering a mk1, just check for rust 😖.

Will Welch says:

I love driving with pop up lights! It's the best 👌🏻👌🏻

Lot 76 CARS says:

Reminds me of my 95 1.6 base car with steelies, should never have sold N993DHE, and sadly is no more… what a fantastic drive but so rust prone

Nigel Gibbon says:

Comfortable on the motorway? You have to be kidding. Took mine on the M25 with the roof down on the way home from Heathrow after an overnight transatlantic flight. I thought it would keep me awake. It did but it also did more damage to my hearing than from 25 years of motorcycle riding. The tyre noise from artics and cars alike was murderous. I pulled off after only a couple of junctions to put the roof up. Never again.

Stewart Shackleton says:

A lot of good information except – where and when was Japfest held? Sorry if I missed the information.

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