The Subaru BRAT Is The Coolest 4×4 You Forgot About [Brumby/Shifter/MV/284]

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Think Subaru and you’re probably thinking Impreza. But before the days of Colin McRae’s rally car, Subaru made utilitarian farm vehicles that were quirky and practical. Paul reckons the often-forgotten BRAT is well worth a look as a working classic!
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Carl T says:

This channel is a bit like the BRAT… a proper hidden gem. Great job keep it up!!!!

Jon Lowing says:

The Brumby never had the rear seat fitment in Australia because It was classed as a rural farm utility vehicle (or 'ute', as we like to call them, economically!) and, as such, were wholly tax exempt and extremely popular in the rural sector. They were an inexpensive and reliable alternative to the big Toyotas and Nissans of the day. It was sad times back in the mid-nineties when Subaru discontinued this spirited little Ute.

Gil Williams says:

Didn't the turbo models automatically raise 1 or 2 inches when put in 4×4 mode ?

Max Wynne says:

i'm in kent in england, and i have one of these and i dont think i will ever get rid of it, i love it. It just needs a huge restoration.

Montbrehain says:

Forgotten by who ? Only people who didn't know of existence in the first place ! That MK was never known as a "Shifter" . In Britain (and some other markets) it was known as an MV (Multi purpose) in The US 🇺🇸 a BRAT and in Australia (and possibly NZ ?) A Brumby. There was a "BRAT" pack that was an added extra in the UK but the vehicle was never marketed as a BRAT in the UK. They are a great little truck and if you find a decent one.. its well worth saving 👌

Mo S says:

Was never sold as a shifter …

Jacob Swaney says:

That car screams kawaii

Raffaele Bonizzoli says:

"the most beautiful 4×4"… Maybe you have never seen the Panda 4×4

KLO 167 says:

It’s even more popular in Australia, where every town has at least 2, the rear seats never came down here and if you see one there are definitely more around.

Personally I have 2 brumbies and a touring wagon. All to keep the good one running

The actual load limit for the tub around here is 1000kg.

Mine is actually the second best I’ve seen around, second only to the one in the next town over that had lived in permanent storage until this year.

My only gripe is the lack of aftermarket support especially in the off-road department.

Because if you aren’t ej swapping it, what’s the point

DoubleDeckerAnton says:

A very rare car. Thanks for sharing.

Chris Kelly says:

This thing is everything crossovers are in a simpler, more economical, more fun, and soulful package.

Ian Mangham says:

Kinda Nissan cherry like up front

Ian Mangham says:

Beautiful gearbox/transfer box

Ian Mangham says:

Totally true, forgot all about them 😄

robtt says:

The local farmers round us loved these. We had a really good local Subaru dealer, as well, so it all added up to a popular vehicle. I had to go and look at some land a few years ago. The Land agent had a brand new Range Rover which cost a fortune. You can guess ? We got stuck half on and off a farm road. The wet very muddy grass behind us saw the RR bury it’s rear end . I dare not laugh as he was a bit pompous and going puce in the face. Anyway, the local farmer came along in his old Subaru identical to this one and pulled us out. He did laugh …a lot !

MrFlyingguy says:

best one i have seen and i keep my eyes out for them

Brian Bell says:

Well in the USA people want a ton for a brat I bought mine foe 1000 and it sits in my back yard not as rare as my subaru ff1 though

Ian Sanders says:

Unfortunately a death trap if you hit something and don't roll it because she has the weakest crush protection on top of B pillar, here in Australia they fell to bits on our rough country roads at speed, Like your channel though keep it up !!

Andrew Bushell says:

We had one on our farm in Cheshire rugged as you say , rot got it in the end and scraped a very handy pickup

Darren Wilson says:

whats an impraisa?

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