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Good evening! Stuck on ideas for what to cook for dinner? Trying to be healthy and nourish your family or loved ones or just get your body into good shape? This vegetarian dinner is fast and simple and so hearty, packed with flavour and filling that even carnivores will be satisfied. I’ve costed out each item to help anyone out there on a tight budget. Full recipe is here:
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Marilyn Doering says:

I made this recipe for my husband and I last night and it’s so delicious! It was a little messy to eat but the flavours are terrific and I know we are eating a healthy meal. I added an entire container of spinach to the dish and it all just wilted down, so that was a great suggestion! I’ll be making this again, and I’ve already shared this with my daughter who is keen to try it as well. Thank you for making these beautiful videos and showing us these easy and delicious recipes to try. Love watching you and Guido together! You just feel that you’ve made a happy home together.

Marie Hampton says:

I made this soup. It was delicious. Thanks a bunch for sharing your recipe 😎🌺

Victoria Romero says:

I feel like I'm watching a Italian movie.. Guido is so loving and sweet🤗 I sometimes watch your videos a couple of times☺️

Victoria Romero says:

Delicious and ver healthy! 🤗❤️

Victoria Romero says:

Adoro amo guardare i tuoi video? Produci bellissimi video. La musica, il sottofondo, il paesaggio… adoro le tue ricette deliziose e salutari. Adoro il modo in cui vai attentamente nei dettagli su ogni ricetta e includi i prezzi. Sei così bravo in tante cose. Di grande talento. Questo pasto non aveva bisogno di carne, era abbondante e molto salutare. Sei così bella!!! Guido è un uomo molto fortunato. È la sensazione migliore per un uomo tornare a casa con un delizioso e salutare pasto fatto in casa❤️ Grazie ad entrambi per aver accolto tutti noi nella vostra bellissima casa.

Jaclyn Salem says:

Kylieeee! I love them all, but these healthy cooking videos are my absolute favorite videos that you do! Excited to try this recipe. Do you have a cookbook/website that you recommend for healthy recipes? (If anyone else has suggestions for cookbooks/sites they love, I would also love to hear from you as well.) <3

Yu says:

Can anybody tell me what the orchestral theme is, the one played in between? (For example, the one at 5:00)

Aileen Toh says:

I made this today and it was a winner! Thank you for sharing this recipe.

Faiza Mahmood says:

Such a cute kitchen. Love all your dishes too. I’m the same way. 😂 Love your recipes as well. Please continue making more videos. Your Channel is a breath of fresh air on YouTube! 🙃

One Love says:

Can’t wait to try this recipe! Also super curious about your time living on a sailboat that you mentioned a long time ago. ✌🏻💗

Chatty Kathie says:

Yum my daughters will love this I’ll make it.

Maria Cristina Grandi says:

You two are so lovely! Thank you Kylie! From Australia, posso capire sia il tuo australiano sia il vostro meraviglioso toscano! Baci

Liz Muschinski says:

Looks delicioso! You really looked in your element in the kitchen. I sat, doing some sewing while you are cooking on my screen. I was mesmerize by your golden abs, lots of beauty in every video. Lots of good tips, too – mashing kidney beans, giving tomato sauce time, pan-frying the tortilla before baking for a quesadilla. You are fortunate how inexpensive foods are there, organic produce costs a lot more here.

I know what you mean about coffee. Into my 40s, I just couldn't sleep anymore if I had it. It took me a few years to permanently wean myself, but now I am caffeine-free. I opt for an occasional decaf when it just smells too good to resist. When I drank coffee, I was happier, more pleasant to be around, got more done, had a sharper mind. It was some drug, but over time, it started being all side effects with no benefits. I always marvel at those people drinking coffee til they're 90 and wish I could be one of them, haha!

I am the same about adding in dark, leafy greens with every meal. Sweet potatoes too for added nutrition. You can blend them in a tomato sauce to put over pasta and they make it very creamy.

You two are so cute when Guido comes home, I get just as excited every time I see my love, too. Did you know that wearing the same color without planning it is a sign of soulmates? Both of you in your red pants. 🥰

So nice to see vegetarian food. Being sensitive and close to God means working through those emotions about eating animals. Thanks for another lovely video, it's always such a treat! ❤

Jennifer Stratton says:

Just made this dish tonight. Hubby and I LOVED it!!! Thanks so much for sharing this!

tecora says:

Oh my word I just found your video …looks so good 😋

Sarah Elizabeth Taylor says:

Im going to try this tomorrow

Janná Giles says:

You’re both so lovely. Thank you for sharing yourselves with us 🥰

Fran Nader says:

Nice recipe. Just a tip, have a large "garbage" bowl on the counter to contain all the scrapes as you chop and prepare the ingredients. Saves time and steps as you don't need to keep stepping away to the trash bin.

Jane Jeffery says:

I am sooooo making this recipe it looks delicious and sooo healthy !!!
Thank you for taking the extra time to show all the steps ❤️❤️❤️ blessings to you and Guido

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