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Step up your breakfast game by using flavorful poblano peppers as breakfast boats in Jacques Pépin’s Eggs Poblano recipe. Jacques refers to this egg dish with a kick as “huevos rancheros, French style”.

What you’ll need:
2 poblano peppers, 1/2 cup water, salt and pepper, slice of ham, grated cheese, 2 large eggs, herbs, olive oil, sirracha/hot sauce (optional),
Jacques Pépin Cooking At Home

Jacques Pépin Cooking At Home: Eggs Poblano
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About Jacques Pépin Cooking At Home:

Jacques Pépin Cooking At Home features short recipe videos that transform readily-available ingredients into exciting new dishes, perfect for newly-anointed home cooks and seasoned chefs alike. Presented by the Jacques Pépin Foundation, an organization dedicated to enriching lives and strengthening communities through the power of culinary education.​​​

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Percy Hawkins says:

Don't you have to skin the Poblanos like you do for Chile Rellenos?

Joe Ran says:

ive made this many times, it great

Dan says:

Great keto recipe.

Eduardo andrés says:

I JUST made one for me!
THank you Jacques!

Archie says:

when you people are 80, posts your videos. until then, sit down.

Amanda D. Buster says:

This is now in my daily rotation! I love learning about complicated dishes, but I am so grateful that someone as gifted and accomplished as M. Pepin shares tips on how to make everyday meals at home a delight. He has done so many amazing things in his career, but I think the lasting legacy he has created is teaching the home chef easy, affordable ways to improve the quality, nutrition, and enjoyment of their everyday meals. What a treasure he is. How many lives he touches!

Debbie Zullo says:

Love you!!! 💋

Jessica Grace says:

Thanks Jacques, I’m going to cook this soon😊😊😊

Scott Connors says:

Love u jaque learned great simple meals w/ complex flavors in layers par excellente

Steven Armstrong says:

what legend chef..

George deMan says:

First, I thought, OK, eggs cooked in a poblano, big deal. But concepts are one thing, results are another. The poblano, ham, cheese, and egg unite beautifully–in a skillet, no less, not an oven–to create something that looks beautiful and probably tastes fantastic.

Jim Richardson says:

Sometimes simple is best. Must try

Cooper Cat says:

Love this man 👍🏻👏😀

Bacchus LAX says:

Never would’ve guessed he uses kitchaid

Lord Byron says:

Delicious! I’ll make it tonight! Thank you Chef !

soolly 357 says:

If your not using an-yoawn it won't taste as good.

Rio Bravo Multimedia says:

A la mexicano! Chorizo, cotija cheese…Mexican flavors would be devine!! Thank you Jacques, ahem, Mr. Pepin… i love all you do…

Hang Hangtkt says:

Thank you. I love it

JD Saldivar says:

Huevos Rancheros!!

Garry Olmos says:

No Refried Beans & Salsa?

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