Epic vegan Thanksgiving in just 3 hours

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A gourmet five-course vegan holiday meal…is it possible to do in 3 hours??

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mombrra says:

this will be my 1st vegan holiday, I signed up for your emails and tried to download the pdf file but it never downloaded, is there another way I can get it?

Sandra Carli says:

I added plant milk to the pumpkin puree instead of broth and it got really very rich and creamy. Thanks for sharing these recipes.

muneca brown says:

I did the whole recipes, fantastic! Thank you

Elizabeth Parker says:

Dishes look delicious! Love Nisha humor😁

D.W. Stratton says:

Girl, it WAS a dumpster fire of a year. Wew.

Simon Says says:

Now I’m ready for thanksgiving!

Cayenne Carocci says:

Yummy! So amazing girl!

mrbroadwaydork says:

Love this video! Although I wish you wouldn't include you talking to Alexa, as it keeps making mine go off LOL

Samantha Harris says:

My Favorite Vegan Cook!!!!!! 💕🙌🌱🔥🔥🌱🙌

Sammy WildFlower says:

If she says 3 hours make it 6

Ranjani Ramanujam says:

My Alexa. A room way, video on low volume (your voice already low and soothing) set the timer for 15mins. Lol!!!

almostcracked says:

I am planning on making these this holiday season and I am wondering what can be prepped the day before to reduce stress on thanksgiving day?

annafantasia says:

Honestly, well done!! I admit as a non-vegan the lentil-y squash didn't look real appetizing, but after seeing the ingredients you put in , I am definitely reconsidering. 😀 Also I love your sense of humor, your videos are an endless source of joy (I didn't know the population of Kazakhstan, either!)

Chanelle Danylowich says:

I’m really excited to make this for my whole family this Thanksgiving I’m hoping to win them over to change our family Thanksgiving meals to Vegan!! 😍😅

You’re energy is wonderful just found your channel 💚
Thank you 🙏🏼

P.S. My Alexa likes to listen to you better than it listens to me so 🤨 <- to Alexa! I feel you on Alexa not listening hahaha 😄

Blank B says:

This video made my alexa set a timer

IPSO 0077 says:

That wasn't 3 hours, twas 20 minutes

Christine Barrero says:

Holy smokes, I can’t wait to make this for Thanksgiving this year! Great video

Rita Pellicano says:

😂 Thank you for the laughs and awesome recipes!

A nice Fun Guy says:

0:03 first time ive heard you swear lol

Collin Lovas says:

You are incredibly creative. Bravo!

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