Spaghetti With Vegetarian Sausage

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This viseo is a taste test of vegetarian sausage used as an ingredient with spaghetti. The result is it passes my taste test. It tastes and has the same consistency as real sausage. I also have some secret ingredients to enhance the flavor of this great meal for one or more.


bigrezznation says:

I'm super curious why you almost exclusively use spoons to eat. I really figured when I clicked on a spaghetti video a fork would pop out

Scott Fulps says:

Spaghetti sandwiches! Yum.

Coffinbirth Cutie says:

Mmmm yum looks delicious ! ❤️

Emily Grey says:

Definitely going to try this. Thanks.

bryan m says:


SessKo says:

This is a real meal! Nice one Tom!

James Bakker says:

After watching 50 of your cooking videos, do you own a fork? You do everything with a spatula and a spoon. I've never seen you eat with a fork.

Steve says:

Spaghetti sandwich sounds good.

laylahh rodriguezz says:

fuck vegetarian vegan bullshit! all that shit is unhealthy for you!

Christopher Wallbank says:

Beans beans, the more you eat the more you toot….

John Grazier says:

You are actually Howard Hughes !!!

Kat Chup says:

What is the deal with you and forks ?

Becky A says:

Just in my imho. I bet if you cut the sausages over in the pan, you’d get a little more flavour. But who am I to tell you what to eat? Just a suggestion. I love you and your videos

Ultradude says:

I don't care what Gordon Ramsay would say to this. I see this and I know it's good. Easy and cheap to make.

Zealousmagician says:

Fantastic meal! I served it to my wife and she cried tears of joy

Sweetz Lovin says:


Haybee Ilan says:

Love you, Featureman 💖

Professor Spex says:

These are the only cooking/food videos I like. Your videos are so well done and it feels like I'm making dinner with my family again. Truly made with love. Keep it up.

Ari says:

I really enjoy all your videos king thank you for posting this content. I especially love how vegetarian inclusive you are. 🙂

shannon says:

i love this recipe thank you

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