How To Eat Vegan at Non-Vegan Restaurants

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Dragon Fist says:

I just don't go to those restraunts in the first place

Robin Richards says:

Yes to an Olive Garden visit.

Susan Hoppe says:

I'm lucky, not only do I live in a city with vegan restaurants and store, not LA or anything, I'm in Saint Paul MN. I'm also lucky my family and friends support my vegan diet out, although most are not even vegetarian. I use apps like Happy Cow, and I google like a pro. I am not shy, so I will call if needed. I do like to challenge cooks to make me a vegan meal. Usually, it is the best meal there.
Weddings, birthday, and other celebrations are hard, but my family will make vegan food for me. Last wedding I attended the bride, who is my mother's sister, what she could get me, so she had the food makers hold vegan food and cake for me so I can eat with everyone. I was in a group or two where I ordered vegan, and I found out other people took it. UGH> I tend to eat crackers if I know they are safe, a bubbly water, and fruit if it is an option.

Lg 1254 says:

I thought it was funny you all mentioned Red Robin as a place that’s not very vegan friendly. They have the impossible burger! I order it with a lettuce bun and sweet potato fries 😋

G S says:

Definitely go to Olive Garden!

viomusarda*the*fluffysealgasus says:

The shame to ask is so relatable. I sometimes feel not asking because then I feel like they're gonna said "then why did you come to this restaurant?" It's just my paranoic mind, but yeah. I swear the vegan experience it's such a part of my life

Sarah Bray says:

I live in Seattle what good places would be should I be looking for. I’m learning and trying to be come vegan what can I look for or how can I ask ?

M. Janell says:

i’ve started to become that friend that doesn’t like to go to places that have only 1-2 vegan options. i feel limited and as my close friend, you know i’m vegan so let’s find someplace with more vegan options. far as family and me being vegan, i always eat before i go some place

D H says:

My tip is to fill up as much as you can at home before going out because a lot of times it will be slim pickings. Some servers are more willing to work with you, but some are just downright rude and will look at you crazy.

wishforinfinity says:

I didn't see this mentioned in the video – rice at Mexican restaurants is often cooked in animal broth, in addition to the beans being cooked in lard like you said.

Cassafrass says:

Chile's has vegan and vegetarian options 🙂 😀 black bean fajitas! And blackbean pattie burgers (ask for no cheese on them)

Nadine Rich says:

I'm a vegetarian in Costa Rica but I eat a lot of vegan and these tips were very helpful even here, thanks ladies!

Jordan Brackin says:

About the bbq places, when I go to famous Dave's i get a burger with no meat and then I put fries on it in place of the meat. Is it healthy? No but damn it's good lol. Also red lobster had one vegan side/appetizer which was good then as my meal I had multiple glasses of the tripple berry sangria 😅🤤

Jordan Brackin says:

I live by BYOB… bring your own butter lol. When I go to places I know I can only eat steamed veggies and baked potatoes and bread I bring a little container of vegan butter lol.

Marissa Hammack says:

I live in Fort Worth, Texas; it is literally famous for the stockyards and rodeo. Although I do live in more of a metropolitan area, there is a HUGE stigma around veganism. I basically have to explain what the term “vegan” is to everyone, because it is so unfamiliar here. I know anyone can be vegan.

Tiff Prendergast says:

Do one for vegetarians like my mom

SD Davis says:

A good way to check for options is to look at the allergen menu. Chili’s has quite a few options. Fried pickles slices (no ranch)!! Yes, please. Obvious things like salsa, guac, chips. The rice, beans, tortillas, broccoli, fries, and corn on the cob (no butter) are all vegan. I used to order corn, black beans, rice, & either corn tortillas or chips & guac. I made tacos or nachos. They have some salads that are customizable too. Buuuuut, who wants a salad when you can make tacos or nachos?!😂❤️

E N says:

This was so helpful!!! Thank you 💕

Lisa Towan says:

Just an FYI – There are Cracker Barrel's in California.

Shelby Melton says:

Crackerbarrel is not vegan friendly. Fries plain hashbrowns plain salud plain baked potatoes and fresh fruit. No sauces are vegan beans and greens are cooked with meat! Not just lard pig bits are in there and have been for at least 6 years. Maybe they werent 10 years ago but the menu literally says sides arent even vegetarian.

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