Vegan Chef Turns Mushrooms Into 'Tuna'

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This chef uses his platform to share recipes featuring plant-based alternatives — watch how he turns mushrooms into ‘tuna.’
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Mark Thompson is a vegan chef who initially started his Youtube channel Sauce Stache to share sauce recipes. Now, he uses his platform to show off plant-based alternatives to meat, beyond seitan and tofu. Thompson is also the author of ‘Making Vegan Meat: The Plant-Based Food Science Cookbook.’ Thompson says one of his favorite ingredients to use is mushrooms, because they are so versatile and come in many varieties. He says his goal is to encourage people who want to try a plant-based diet and hopes his book will inspire them to experiment.

We’ve got a TUN-A love for this fish substitute. Here’s how to make your own ’tuna’ out of mushrooms:
Step One: Grab some Oyster mushrooms and shred
Step Two: Add water, flavor, and boil for 10 minutes
Step Three: Strain and place in the oven to dry
Step Four: Add your favorite condiments

Watch the video for the full instructions.

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Bryant Zerrato says:

Too much work..I'll keep popping my can open…and it contains more nutritional value…with this I waste more calories just making it

Q J says:

Thank you for this video. I just subscribed to his channel.

Ravi Lamb says:

This is wonderful! Fungi are the basis of all life in our planet. It's about time Americans start embracing mushrooms like they have in parts of Asia for millenia.

F. De Mascio says:

I like to use hen of the woods, chicken of the woods & oyster mushrooms to make krab kakes.
So good. This guy does it right.

Patricia Perez says:

If grass fed cows eat only grass,does that make the beef they produce PLANT BASED? Just asking.

Juan Velez says:

Good to see him here👍

po zoe says:

Lol its weird how vegans want there food to remind them of the animals they use to enjoy🤷‍♂️

Char Covelesky says:

Mark is on a mission, I love his creative channel even though I don't really focus on "meaty" subs and am more whole food plant based.

Kyle Rayner says:

Wow this guy's high as a kite eating all these mushrooms I like to see him make a Tuna Sashimi out of mushrooms lol

adidas3893 says:

Sauce stache is the man!! Go check out his channel for more great recipes

Morningside Drive says:

If you make tuna out of mushrooms, I can make steak out of styrofoam.

MrLooseGoose says:

This ain't it

Udderly Evelyn says:

Been watching him for years now. I'm mycophobic and almost the opposite of vegan but you can learn a ton of interesting food science and techniques from him either way. It's great to see him get attention. he deserves it!

Bo says:

Mark is the best!!! 🙌💕

Jeffrey Taylor says:

I heard somewhere that a Vegan Diet isn't really great in the long term. But if people don't want to eat meat I guess it's not really my business what they eat.

AcornCastle says:

A real vegan wouldn't know if it tastes like Tuna… Probably tastes like seaweed and mushrooms…

John Yap says:


Morgan Douglas says:

I’ve subscribed to him.

Andrew Pham says:

So this is what subways tuna is made out of.

Be Vegantastic says:

OMG Sauce Stache!

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