Date Balls 3 Ways | Vegan Dessert Recipe

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Full recipe here:

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Delia Mangalia says:

Great recipe,unfortunately we do not have the same type of dates,so things are a bit unclear because my 25 dates don't weigh as much as your 25 ones. Giving the right quantities could have helped me.

Raheema Reyaz says:

Tried it was real good!!!

Kamy says:


life is music parna donkers says:

Those look so good 😍

mohini sharma says:

Shelf life?

M A says:

Please make more of these videos. This was a pleasure to watch and I enjoyed it thoroughly.

General Admiral Ackbadeen says:

It look like what came out of Arab guys ass

Adedamilola says:

I'm so going to do these. I love hazelnuts so that'll be my go to!

CattyMayer Art says:

Now I can have vegan tim bits!

the last slice of bread says:

wow corny joke at the beginning XD

Iori Yagami says:

Meatball is way better

Natalia Ospina says:

Isn't that more like a bowl of walnuts

DoorisJ says:

If only I had a date

Ya boi Joan says:

I made one of those before !

Luna Lovegood says:

Omg I tried these and they turned out AMAZING! I didn't have almond extract so I just mixed cacoa powder into the coconut balls, and don't have peanuts, so just used a bag of mixed nuts and they still turned out great😀

Jennifer says:

Looks so good :3

Laura Coellar says:

These actually look so good!! Definitely trying them tonight

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