Triumph Acclaim – A New Era (1982 HLS Driven)

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The Triumph Acclaim represented the start of British Leyland’s new era, partnered with Honda. Some dismiss Triumph’s last car, but Joe reckons it’s a significant and loveable classic.
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Fast H Racing says:

Ummm are driving gloves making a come back? Interesting fact. Top of the range Acclaim was first mass produced car to have front electric windows!

David Julian Price says:

What this video doesn't mention is that the Acclaim was very advanced for a small car launched in 1981.

The sweet revving 70BHP 1.3 engine put out almost the same power as a Ford Cortina's 1.6, thanks to its high tech design and twin Keihin carburettors. Twin carbs were what sports cars had, back then!

The electrical system was impressive too, for a British car. Nothing else had the option of air-conditioning, headlamp washers, electric windows, headlamp levelling, etc.

The high end ones had a ski hatch – very unusual for back then.

Basically, the Acclaim was a kind of BL 3-series, a small luxury saloon that was sporty and well equipped, with big car features. 

Its Honda DNA meant bullet-proof reliability and of course a super engine and gearbox, and sharp road manners.

MRZ12000 says:

After the demise of Triump cars in the 1980's only Volvo was the survivor until Jag Xtype Models

Slobadan Mikôcyábych says:

Great car and engine. Dad had one until it burnt down, in those days you would put a blanket on the engine overnight to keep the damp out well one morning he drove it 8 miles after forgotting it was there…

Matthew Godwin says:

I've just been accepted into the Classic Car Loan Scheme and will be borrowing a Triumph Acclaim for a whole year. Can't wait to get stuck in, and experience the very last Triumph for the first time.

Lewis72 says:

I think that this car was meant to try and bridge the gap between Dolomite/Allegro and the Maestro although the line up was all over the place really.
Ford's line up was clear and easy to understand: Fiesta, Escort, Cortina/Sierra, Granada.

If you view the Acclaim as an '80s FWD Triumph 1300, then I think it's an excellent car.
The CD spec was very high spec; I don't think an Orion Ghia got close.
Probably should have had a hatch option though as the Mk3 Escort was in full swing by then.

Terry Ball says:

Is this car now for sale? I think its local if it is.

JACK BOG says:

In the mid 80s my father had a Dolomite 1850 Automatic which was damaged in an accident. He was lent a courtesy car, an Acclaim. It was a manual so he had me drive him everywhere. What a revellation! Super smooth revvy motor, buttery gearchange and the steering!! It went round corners twice as fast as the Dolly and rode better too. But it didn't have the Dolly's good looks and interior. Dad's next car was a Rover 200 (SD3) on my recommendation. We didn't regret it. I've just bought a 1995 Rover 416 Tourer. Must be a disease.

hondatrix says:

Best Triumph ever!!

Paul Hardy says:

Loving the driving gloves 🤚🙂

andrewb113 says:

Learned to drive in one, loved it. Great memories.

Parknest says:

The Acclaim was uber reliable and literally saved BL. I've had 5 of these cars from 2005-2013 I've also got a the blue Corgi model which has steerable front wheels. I met Simon back in August 2008 when he did a photoshoot with one of my Acclaims (a low mileage Zircon Blue CD Triomatic – A865 MCX). Simon, if you're reading this I hope you remember me. I had my partner's grandson with me at the time of the photoshoot. The only Triumph I have now is my 1972 Dolomite 1850 auto.

Brian Knowles says:

I bought a brand new rover 216 SE in August 1985 great car fantastic fuel economy not one fault all of my ownership.

Chris Wilson says:

I had a Y reg HLS trio-matic one of these in the late 1990s. It had only done 36000 miles as it had been my grandmother's from new. In retrospect, after driving other cars, I do think there was something wrong with mine because it was a scary car to drive. It understeered really badly and would lock the wheels very easily too. I do wonder whether it had the wrong springs or shocks fitted or something.

Andre Barbosa9 says:

I have one in Portugal!!!

osher osher says:

what about the 205?? can't wait for another video!!

Kody Dagley says:

Great video! I still find it weird whenever I see a picture of one and hear somebody call it a Triumph…I'm used to only the old Honda Civic/Prelude versions over here in Canada!

Stephen King says:

What the Brits refer to as a "classic" makes me shake my head… Try a 56 Chevy

Will Crouch says:

I bought one in December as my second ever car, just to use occasionally .. it immediately replaced my 2002 suzuki swift as my daily car!

saun Lloyd says:

Oh how I pointed and laugh at an old school teacher for having one. Fast forward 27years later and I'm giving it the thumbs up 🤨

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