What I ate when I was "BROKE" & LAZY AF (easy vegan meal ideas)

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In this video, I’m showing you guys some RIDICULOUSLY easy vegan “recipes” and meal ideas that I made all the time when I was broke & didn’t know anything in the kitchen.

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Jean-Marie Monk says:

Im a week a vegan but i dont eat rice or potatoes

I’ll take Honey with my tea says:

This was Great and so helpful.
I’m going vegan again, yay !
All these yummy ingredients just hyped me to get started !
Thanks girl 💗

Joshua Purdie says:

Your outfit is awesome! Also your involvement of peanut butter in recipes makes me happy! This content is inspiring, I'd like to try the vegan lifestyle, only concern was how expensive it would be to cook healthy every day. But you've shown some great ideas, and I'd like to try it! Thank you!

Suave Passion says:

17:00 remember that not all wines are vegan!

Ruby Anne Smith says:

Easy tofu scramble firm or extra firm tofu pressed crumble it mix 1 top sesame seed oil 2 tablespoons nutritional yeast 1tsp tumeric salt and pepper to taste fry in a pan after letting the tofu marinade for 10 minutes then heat up a tortilla optional your favorite vegetables. Lentil soup not chicken bouillon or vegetable broth 1lb Lentils 2-3 potatoes mix vegetables add your favorite seasoning then cook on medium heat for 1-2 hours

Sam Morison says:

I live for beans on toast

Taylor says:

intro is wayyy too long

Dave's Hangar says:

Recipes all look great. The only thing that's you use that I definitely leave out is oil. Some foods actually contain oil. I believe that as long as we eat the oil the way God packaged it it's all fine but when we start trying to take the oil out of the plant that's where we run into trouble. I'm not a big fan of oil because there really is no nutrition whatsoever in any kind of oil regardless of where it comes from. It's just like coconut is good for you but when you start taking the oil out of the coconut and just start cooking with the coconut oil it's really not good for you. And if you are a hardcore vegan then you probably know who Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr is from the documentary Forks Over Knives. And one of his major rules is,

The Rainbow Witch says:

I like to cook cut potatoes and onions in olive oil with some salt

V M says:


turquoise_ eye says:

The "ok" after every sentence is so cute

Yolanda Linan says:

Hello I am not broke or lazy but I am new to the vegan lifestyle and I need all the help I can find. Thank you you are funny made my day!

Isaac Sammy808 says:

I’m not vegan but I love your videos! You are so cool and I think what you do is so smart!

Daniel Gomes Silva says:

This is the Channel i needed for my idiot lazy brain. Gonna learn something. Thx

Blossom Orchard-Pine says:

UK girl here. If you like baked beans try putting them on pasta. It works better with cheap baked beans because they're more saucy but yeah. Pasta, beans, little bit of pasta water 😀

Kassina Lynn says:

Sooo helpful. Also why isn’t anyone talking about how funny you are “okay” haha

fbbWaddell says:

I love you. Stop talking about your insignificant haters and show me the food!!!!

Ashley Kinscy says:

I was looking for some recipes that used canned food and came across your channel. I love these recipes! Subscribed! 🥰

Joyce says:

On the topic of cheap red wine: you can also mix it with cola. I know it sounds disgusting, but this is actually a thing that is done in the basque country/rioja wine region, where they mix the wine that is not fit for export with cola into a drink called kalimotxo. it's actually delicious!

Dani says:

Just putting this out there because I didn’t know until recently but the red wine reminded me that wine usually isn’t vegan because of its fining process

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