Dubai Magnum – at Emirates Mall

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At the Mall of Emirates a luxurious hand made Magnum bar



Don't mind me but she really beautiful 😅

Umang Trivedi says:

That girl name plzzzzz 💘

KBR says:

What a presentation

Arab khan says:

Wow it is so yummy and very clean ice cream

MD Tawhid Hasan says:

Mashallah girll is very pretty

King Pak | كنق باك says:

Hay any single lady for good friendship here ?
Please contact me 😀💙

Henika Chandra says:

$1 ice cream in my mini/supermartket.
Noo' it is "DUBAI" magnum bruhh
Everything if said "DUBAI",, it will be more more more expensive.
Dubai magnum
Dubai mc
Dubai steak
Dubai kebab
Dubai tiramisu
Dubai johnywalker

Bibi hazra Kunkur says:

Worker: "That would be $2000"

Suleman Biryaniwala says:

I just like the way she make use of her hands in an incredible way.

seren gül says:

mercedes clr amg

Muhammad Suleman Ali says:

I wish I could see more videos of her.

Термоядерный Синтез says:

Какая красотка..

Aswin A Xl A CS says:

The girl look so 🔥🔥🔥🔥

Peace Man says:

59 millions views in one year…great

Toasted Flaffel says:

She's gorgeous

stupid says:

half of the people here have never felt the touch of a woman,I can feel it

Harsha Kalluri says:

Magnum or the girl…Me: the girl ❤️😍


When he saw the wedding ring on her hand he was like 😔😔😔😔

NCA RFR says:

Its actually satisfying 🙂🙂

Honda Civic Stan account says:

Is it in the burj khalifa just wondering

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