Gordon Ramsay Perplexed Over 'Traditional' Pub Food | Kitchen Nightmares

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Gordon Ramsay helps a pub go back to serving traditional pub grub.

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Johnny Jims says:

this comment section is on another level

Ryku Isaigana says:

Great episode.

The Villain says:

I feel bad for them

Ldydi5954 says:

OMG! Serious delusions of grandeur when describing the table settings @1:45 is an understatement! It took me a long while to quit laughing.

Mavis M says:

Does this old man even sleep???? 120 hours a week is way too much

Twilight Sparkle says:

I thought we were starting off this episode with a double sided cow. I wanna hear that story.

Olivia Franzen says:

I can see those two becoming best friends. Brian is such a warm hearted, sweet man and even has humor! Many blessings, Brian!

Takeda Shingen says:

Jesus, had to look hard at these cows loll

Joe S says:

That was so much better than the US version of his show.

DMac says:

“Cause I’ll smash them over your fucking head” 😂😂😂

puensi666 says:

Owner is off

Fan Dumb says:

5 heart attacks. fuck mate. gettoffit.

Andrew Reed says:

what in holy hell is a "wealthy farming area"?

Amex Boogie says:

The spurious south africa pharmacologically race because check postnatally scorch circa a needless cover. swift, sassy spark

Matt Luszczak says:

Need a pie in a bowl. Just meat and gravy with a saviury crust on top. Easy and supa yummy. Easy and quick to make

Choppers Girl says:

As cute a couple that they are, I cannot watch a person whose tongue is always hanging out of their faceholes. It would be creepy to eat and he's watching.

Lawrence Hiccup says:

lmao as an American I cracked up when they switched to something casual and it was still nicer than what we Americans wear out to dinner.

paul mitchell says:

Such nice people!

Jonathan Nagel says:

At least he pays his employees consistently, so it’s said… better than some restaurateurs I’ve worked for, getting flopped checks even if being paid $3.28 an hour (living off tips)

Jonathan Nagel says:

Two microwaves is never a good sign, heck even one is too many for a professional kitchen

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