I Found So Many Vegan Products Here

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Check out all these vegan products that I found.
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Richard Schmidt says:

It would be cool if you had an ice cream taste test with your family again with Ripple! I would love to see it! So cute! 🙂 Dawn @ Rich & Dawn in MN 🙂

Richard Schmidt says:

Chris: I don't eat a lot of processed vegan food, but some of these products look really good! Whole foods are always best for you but man! if you can incorporate some of these products in with your whole foods?? Awesome! I know you eat really healthy. Dawn @ Rich & Dawn in MN 🙂

Opal Moon says:

Price Chopper is looking like a vegan food Mecca.

jacinta pratt says:

If anyone has Walmart + they have the gardein jerky online. Free shipping. 🙂

Natalie Cheney says:

Funny how excluding an item from a recipee makes it more expensive…

Jay Jay says:

Holy smokes, is this a vegan store? I have never seen some of these products anywhere here in Seattle.

darkangel3812 says:

Tabatchnick soup is kosher food and they taste good

Michelle Beckham says:

Omg! I need a Price Chopper in my life. So many products. I’d have to hit several stores to get all these products rather than from one.

Michelle Anna Alfano says:

PLANET OAT ICE CREAM IS LIIIIIIFE!!! The peanut butter chocolate one literally made me forget I was vegan. <3

Tamara Crucey says:

Oh man, I wish I could have all those choices!!!!!

Hooda Thunkett says:

The Quorn Spicy Chik’n Patties are sooooo good & crispy..a total favorite! I often make breakfast sandwiches w/ them using Van’s or Nature’s Path mini waffles and apple butter. Great balance of sweet and spicy even tho it probably sounds weird. Give it a try. 😋

Kirlynz K. says:

Wow I don't even know if we have Price Choppers around here, but that's an incredible selection! One of the best I've ever seen!

marjaleena says:

None of this is real food.

Joey Jones says:

Woah!!!! We don't have this in California 😭what a great store!

Valerie Tomsic says:

So much is too processed for me …you go on and enjoy!

AJ Vintage says:

Wow, your Price Chopper has a larger variety and quantity of vegan items than ours does. That Chobani oat milk is my favorite and it’s made local to me, as are the Peanut Principle peanut butters. Sooo happy to see the plant milks nudging out the dairy. Another great video, thanks Chris!

Andrea Walker says:

Wow, sooooo many options!
I know you said it many times, but I want to reiterate to read the labels! My husband brought home a new brand of plain kettle cooked potato chips…they were cooked in lard 🤢. (He is not vegan so he ate a few but ended up throwing them away…maybe I am finally turning him vegan 🤞🏻😁.

rebecca Braker says:

Those are a lot of the snacks I get my son for school.

denine says:

Wow I wish I had a price chopper near me! They've got so much good vegan stuff that i want to try. I've been looking for that gardien jerky and the field roast pepperoni but haven't seen it yet. Tofutti brand was one of my first vegan ice creams as well. I love their peanut butter ice cream sandwiches. Awesome video Chris👍👍🌱🙂

Hermit Hill Farm says:

The Almond banana milk is not good, well to me atleast anyway. Way to sweet

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