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Hello there,
A little late in the game but nonetheless I’m here to share four simple whole food recipes for a delicious vegan late summer barbecue. The four dishes covers all the bases with a green potato salad with edamame beans, bbq cauliflower steaks, buttered corn on the cob and charred lettuce. Enjoy!

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Low Lay Choo says:

The cauliflower cannot cook in 10 minutes over the grill.

Hope Juscenko says:

I’m just remembering that Gordon Ramsey clip, “You grilled the lettuce?!? A grilled Caesar salad?!?”

Brickface chick says:

Grilled Lettuce! Gordon Ramsey is quaking.

Magnus Leuthner says:

Marlin! You're beautiful!

Makoto Urahama says:

Look at her face , she definitely suffers from malnutrition.

Alien says:

Barbecue my ass. Barbecue is related to meat. This is just a salad.

Abhiram Chintangal says:

Thanks! That potato salad looks awesome!

Claudio Fransson says:

Bra tips! Har veganer på besök till helgen, kommer följa dina recept. Snyggt arbetad video för övrigt.

Naturally Charlie says:

The herb and garlic butter is vegan??

Dabney Fountain says:

Great video…organized, easy to follow, non-offensive nusical background…interesting recipes.

George C says:

Solid vegan BBQ recipes! Thanks, I like your style

Two Market Girls says:

These look amazing. Can't wait for summer to start so we can start our barbecue cooking!

radiantchristina says:

discovered your channel via a Henya Mania video… great channel! ..just subbed!

Edgar Castrejon says:

Oh darlin I love your videos so much!! I want to start as well! 🙂

The Viet Vegan says:

All of these recipes look so delicious! =O I wish you could cook for me XD

Ledarifique says:

I love this channel !

twocupsoftee says:

That is STUNNING!!

Keith Bradley says:

Henya Mania recommended you, great channel I subbed

Julia Isabel says:

You massaged the kale for 5-10 minutes? i guess the kale should've tipped you for that :'D

tree says:

Henya sent me! Love your videos 😀

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