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Today I decided to talk you through every book in my ever growing but already huge classics collection – enjoy!

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Nebaidos Sarkans says:

Hey. Mexican here. It's pronounced "Don Quihote" ho as in hoe or homer or home.

Excelsy Porquez says:

why is she always looking up?

Loving Sunshine says:

I would love to start reading classic books again. I tried to read once a long time ago and it was written in an old English language. As a non-native English speaker, it was so difficult to understand so I returned it. A few months ago I started reading Little House on the Prairie bc I love the era in that time and I love it. Easy to understand without constantly flipping my dictionary and yes I still use it lol. Which ones do you think are easier to read especially for those of us whose English isn't their first language?

Rosie Austin says:

I have been hunting high and low for this Penguin leather-bound edition of The Picture of Dorian Gray and I can't find it anywhere in the UK !!! I'm not sure if it is a limited edition collection or if it is just unfortunate that it's out of stock everywhere but I so desperately want to own a copy! If anyone has any ideas where to look pls help a gal out!

Clo Tricots says:

You absolutely have to read the Count of Monte Cristo. It's one that I NEVER regretted reading and I do want to read it again when my kids are grown up.


How many chapters does your "Sense and Sensibility" copy have?

Bish says:

How do I find that dystopian collection??? Its beautiful

Love the collection would love an update on classics read and bought recently

Thank you!

Fayrouz Kalloubi says:

Have you ever read a book by an Arabic writer?

Elizabeth-Ioana Mercas says:

hi! I am wondering if The Penguin Deluxe editions are annotated…
For me it is a really important thing and I love the cover designs.

Mariela Alvarez says:

They are so beautiful. All of them 😍

Aaronrm says:

The pronunciation of Don Quixote is don ki oh tee

Carla Shane says:

Wow! I love the covers of your classics 🥰

mibello aleman says:

Why do you, like hundreds of other book tubers, make a video about books you have NOT read? Besides showing off, what is the point of it?

Ariane Casanova says:

You should totally read The count of Monte Cristo, is amazing, probably my favorite classic so far!!!

Y Z says:

I was forced to read Lord of the Flies in high school and it grossed me out because I was a teenaged girl at the time 😅

Monny Arcade says:

I'm a great advocate for a) The Tenant of Wildfell hall and b) Anne of Green Gables!

Sherlika G says:

One flew over The Cuckoo’s Nest is one of my favourite of all time.

Glory1996 says:

Can somone please tell me where to get the 3 Dystopian novels with the black covers there all novels that i want to read

ellie read says:

Me waiting for Little Women at 9:56 and then Anne of Green Gables… hmmm HEIDI!!?? Me: Good/ close enough

Rachel Demain says:

Don't be daunted by Middlemarch . It's is a big book but an easy pastoral read. It's my all time Favourite classic.

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