Options For Vegetarian Preppers: Loma Linda Canned Foods

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Xerxes 666 says:

🌈💞❤Loma Linda foods are so Delicious!!🌈💞💞🌈❤🍭❤🇺🇲❤🍭❤💞💞💞💞💙❤💙🤍💙🤍💙❤❤❤🏆🍭❤🏆

Rachel Gibson says:

Bread the choplets fry, then use the juice from can to make a gravy to smother the chops.

W3 S33 33 says:

Loma Linda is a staple available from SDA markets. However, stuff like the Redi-Burger and the Choplets are INGREDIENTS and are NOT GREAT right from the can. Try Vegefood.com instead of Amazon for better prices are shipping processes. Redi-Burger will last for close to a decade, but to make it into a burger you should add breadcrumbs and seasonings. Choplets need to be breaded and cooked as well but work well in burger patties. I highly recommend the Micheff Sisters' recipes. These products have been around since the 1930s but are not found outside of SDA markets. My all-time favorite is the FriChik, but everything they make has potential to be delicious if you know how to prepare it–especially more heinous products like the Nutmeat and the Vegetarian Burger, both of which aren't bad but necessitate the use of heavy seasonings to be palatable. Again, seek the wisdom from Linda, Brenda and Cinda. 🥰👍

Dave's Skillet says:

thanks for sharing

_ dave says:

you have the best stoves!

Lane Gardinier says:

A former brother in. law was hired by the Loma Linda Hospital in San Bernardino, and said the cafeteria only served vegetarian food as it was Seventg Day Adventist, and I was never able to find time to go eat there, and remain somewhat disappointed that I missed out!

Jakelol1980 says:

Never be a vegetarian in SHTF unless you got some medical issue.

ChrismDove says:

I just recently subscribed to you, even though had seen your videos in the past. We aren't vegetarian, but I was so long ago for awhile, and I remember when our grocery store carried some of these. It's so ironic and awesome you just put this up because the day before I had been looking at these, and thinking about adding some to our pantry preps. We have some stuff, but not much. I remember I liked the Frichik and not sure if Loma Linda makes it. I think that was how it is spelled. Thanks so much for the awesome and helpful video.

Patricia Ribaric says:

This was a very thoughtful video. Well done!!!

BallisticCoefficient Dependent says:

This was a great video, for me it just adds more options for not getting tired of the same old thing. I can always count on you finding some great things to test out, and add to my "to try" list. Thanks for the video, stay safe out there and God bless!

Rich Eastmain says:

The “burger” reminds me of Cranmar’s Delicious Mystery Appetizer.

NC Farmer says:

Thank you for the video.

Reverend Christine says:

Those patties look bad to me.

Marigold says:

With the 2nd tin, the redi burger, you can open both ends of the tin and push it out like a log, then slice into burgers. Like you would a fruit cake log.

theone1501 says:

Excellent video! Meat options without meat that probably last as long or longer than real meat. Loma linda great brand that has been around a long time. Have had hot dogs that are great!

Helpful Product Suggestions says:

nice video 🙂

robert hutchins says:

EEEEEEEE. I'm not too sure about the "meats".I think I'll stick to real cows!

robert hutchins says:

Recipe of the day: Cans of mix vegies, baked beans, vegetable broth. Mix and simmer, serve over bag of cooked egg noodles.

Virginia Prepper says:

I can't comment on this video. I love my meats. 🥩🥓🥚🦃

Diebulfrog79 says:

Forgot Hot dog and Links, thanks George

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