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LAY HO MA everyone (hello in Cantonese)! In this episode, I’ll show you how to make an incredibly delicious and easy pasta sauce using fresh tomatoes. Having tomato sauce on hand is an absolute asset, since you’ll be able to use it not only for pasta, but as a base for many other tomato based recipes. If you enjoyed this episode and would love to see more, remember to like, comment, and subscribe so that you won’t miss a single episode!

– 1 onion
– half bulb garlic (to taste more or less up to you)
– 6 to 8 tomatoes (roma preferred)
– 1/2 cup tomato paste
– salt and pepper
– olive oil

1. slice up your onion and set aside.
2. peel and crush your garlic and place with the prepped onion
3. coarsely chop the tomatoes and set aside
4. in a medium high heat stock pot, add about 3 tbsp olive oil
5. add in your garlic and onions, season, and cook until caramelized
6. add in your tomatoes, season, and stir
7. cook down your tomatoes until soft and liquid is slightly reduced (about 10-15 min)
8. transfer the sauce to your blender and place your pot back on the heat
9. add olive oil, tomato paste, and season
10. blend your sauce on medium high for a few seconds
11. take your pot off the heat, wait for a few seconds, and pour in your sauce
12. stir in your tomato paste
13. you’re done! eat your sauce straight up or use in other recipes!

If you enjoyed this episode and would love to see more, remember to like, comment, and subscribe so that you won’t miss a single episode!

Hong Kong born Canadian, Wil Yeung is an international photographer, filmmaker, entrepreneur, violinist, and YouTube chef. He immigrated to Canada when he was a young boy carrying with him his ability to speak Cantonese and some broken English. Much of his culinary aspirations stem from his background in the visual and musical art spaces. Whether you’re plant based or plant based curious, Wil believes that learning how to make food can really change your life and of those around you.


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Yeung Man Cooking says:

LAY HO MA everyone! Be sure to make this easy pasta (tomato) sauce because I'll be using it as a base for future episodes 😉 Remember to like, comment, and subscribe so you won't miss a single episode!

Sabine Stratmann says:

I actually didn't mess it up this time, thank you!

sue sokolinski says:

This is pretty much how I make my sauce. I also make a lot of it in the summer with fresh herbs out of my garden. I put about half of it through my food processor and then add it back in to the batch. That will give you a chunkier sauce if that’s your thing.

B says:

Added fresh herbs towards the end. Love this recipe 🥰

Tezo Alvarez says:

Simply delicious & beautiful to see🌿

MammaDuck says:

Lay ho ma! Just want to say that this sauce lends itself well to canning. If you don't know how to can, you might want to learn how. You can then tripple or quaduple this recipe and put it up for later use even months or a year after you make it. That way you have really good sauce on hand anytime you need it for something super fast and easy. Spend the time now so that you can save the time later! There are so many things you can use a good tomato sauce for. If you reduce it even further into almost a paste it can be the basis of a really awesome pizza sauce, as you can find in one of Will's other videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZjhoGIHnVu4 If you like a really saucy pizza, then reduce this sauce down further before canning it. That way you won't make the pizza crust soggy. Making tomato sauces is a bit time consuming, especially if you want to reduce it to something very thick. There is no way to hurry the process along. If you are wanting to make a really thick tomato paste or very thick sauce, it is best to set aside an entire day to do it. It has a delightful side benefit of filling the air in your home with a most desirable sent that you can enjoy all day long, and even through to the next day. It is one of the benefits of cooking at home which you can't get at a restaurant. You are not only giving your pallet a treat, but also giving one to your nose! Send the plug-ins and defusers on vacation for a day and simply use your kitchen as your defuser for a day.
I am only canning small amounts of this right now, and am waiting to can larger amounts when my garden starts producing in large quantities. There always comes a point each summer when my tomatoes start producing more than I can use fresh, and there will eventually come a point where it will produce more than I am able to can. At that point I start slicing and sun-drying some of them and freezing some of the sun-dried ones for later use. I'm lucky to have such fertile soil in my back yard!
One thing I'm not saying is that you have to have a garden to enjoy this recipe, or to can it for that matter. I'm just saying that this is an option in times of plenty to save for leaner times, often in the winter months. Canning this recipe makes it great when watching out for really good sales on tomatoes. As will mentioned, the best tomatoes for this are Romas. These long, almost pear shaped tomatoes are meatier, and lower in water content than other varieties, and that that translates into less time reducing. But in any case, keep your eye on tomato prices, and when the prices drop to an unusually low point, buy them out and make lots of inexpensive super tasting sauce to can and use later. In the long run, your bank account will love you for doing it, and on evenings where you don't have time for anything other than to boil noodles, or on long winter evenings when you are longing for something fresh tasting, pop open a can, heat it up, and pour it over your favourite pasta. Instant comfort food!
I would also like to take a moment to pass on a secret I learned from the husband of a friend of mine. He is a five Michelin Rosette chef, and his simple way of doing it can't be beat. Simply:

1) take a big pot which has a lid, and leaving the lid off, put in water and bring it to a hard rolling boil.
2) When it has come to a hard rolling boil, remove it from the heat, put your noodles in and cover immediately.
3) Immediately start a timer going for 10 minutes and let the noodles stand for that period of time. There is no need for further boiling.
4) When the timer goes off, pour it into a strainer and remove all excess water. The noodles will be past al dente, but not be mushy and overcooked.

It will be perfect every time. I use this method with everything from thick spaghetti noodles to angel hair pasta. I've even tried it with pene pasta with excellent results. I haven't tried it with egg noodles or with pastas such as bow tie, snail shell, or other shaped pastas, so I can't promise results for those. But in the case of straight pastas, it works supremely. I use this only for cooking wheat flour noodles. It probably won't be what you want to do with rice noodles or noodles made from flower other than wheat. Noodles made this way, combined with Will's tomato sauce will satisfy every time, and if you have set aside or canned some of Will's sauce you can have a really great dinner on the table in under 15 minutes. Try beating that for convenience!

Dr Quix says:

Any chance this can be done without a blender? I don’t have many tools in the kitchen and all your other recipes have only ever needed a pot lol

Abha Varma says:

Tomatoes are so cheap these days. Definitely going to make this to use with our pasta dish. Thank you for the great recipes.

deepali b says:

Nice recipe

The Art of Life says:

How long you can keep it in the fridge?🧐

Danielle Sallee says:

I love the recipe but not the background music. Thanks for your delicious recipes.🙂

Alfredo Anaya jr says:

What kind of season did you use? Thank you.

Sowmya shetty says:

Is the tomato paste store bought. I'm going to make this tomorrow, please let me know about the paste. Thanks for all the perfect and wonderful recipes.

Emile Saayman says:

just when i thought it was simple.. a blender…

kiane starnes says:

i made this sauce last night with roma tomatoes !
everyone enjoyed it ♡
thank you !

Philip Antoni says:

Already made this twice and missed to comment 🤣 simple, fast, delicious! If you like traditional homemade tomato sauce, give this one a try. You can easily spice it up with some chili, bring in italian flair with some basil or even add cane sugar, if you like it sweet 😉
Solid sauce 5***

Stacy G says:

Made this today! Sooooo good. My 3 year old absolutely devoured it too. Thank you!

Bob says:

You are amazing love 💝 your classes by the way everyone should have a Vitamix it's my most important tool in the kitchen

Arika Tank says:

Is it still possible to make really wonderful tomato sauce by substituting onion and garlic for bell pepper, chilli and ginger? And is it alright to leave out the tomato paste? I'd add loads more thyme, oregano, basil, rosemary, sea salt, cayenne, and black pepper for stronger flavour and a bit of coconut sugar and lemon/lime as well, if they're not sour enough…:-) Really great video though…thank you….:-)

Michael N Macharia says:

I have to say. That knife sharpening intro…!🤯

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