The Very Best Vegan Bolognese Recipe

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Sometimes you just want something classic. Nothing screams pasta like bolognese and I’ve made it my mission over the last few months to come up with a fool proof vegan bolognese that’s better than the original. You read that right – “better” than the original. This bolognese has everything, salty, umami, crunchy, you name it. Believe me when I say you will not be disappointed with this recipe.

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Lowly Food says:

This video is getting a lot more views recently, which I find rather embarrassing as this video is not my finest work! This was actually the first video I shot & edited (although I uploaded the pancakes video first). Hope you enjoy the video and look past my horribly awkward delivery & presentation! Thanks for stopping by.

elia1789 says:

Im gonna make this soon. Can we freeze it for later use??

Tod Martens says:

Not a vegan or vegetarian but that looks amazing.

Rose Viola says:

This looks absolutely delish. When I start cooking again, I'm going to make it.

Russ B - Endless knot says:

That looks so good, on my hit list for cooking thank you

SomeoneSometimesnamedSims says:

Although I've always been skeptical of nuts in my cooked food, I must say, this recipe is making me reconsider it. This looks amazing. I think I will try it.

Alex Haes says:

Did he just cut it small before throwing it in the food processor? Wow

Johnny Wrotten says:

Looks delicious 😋

Johnny Wrotten says:

Chestnut mushrooms and walnuts are very expensive in France

Aries Ashma says:

I'm sorry but i find you so attractive 😜

Pratik Lakhotia says:

Dude this is awesome 😍😍😍

Sizzling News And Beats says:

Your channel deserve many subs bro keep it coming.

antistaticandi says:

You deserve so much more attention! Great recipe!

JoAnn says:

This was so delicious 😋
Only problem is that it's enough to feed an army lol.
Glad I have room in the freezer. I'll be looking for your other videos.

carnophage666 says:

This looks very good! Thing is, I have somebody over for dinner who's allergic to nuts. Do you have any suggestions as to what I might replace the Walnuts with? Or do I just leave them out altogether?

philip malcom says:

I love the recipe. I made it for the first time and my son who never likes eaten vegan Bolognese not even notice that wasn't ground meat.
I also used the same mixture of walnuts and mushrooms to make my chile con carne. It was also very good.

B N says:

Best vegan bolognese I've come across. Thank you so much for sharing this recipe. Substituting the ground beef with ground mushrooms and walnuts works extremely well in other recipes too. So thanks for that tip as well!

Real Vegan Cooking says:

Mate, this bolognese looks next level! Excited to try it out

darja isabel says:

Gonna make this for my roomies tonight, thanks! 😀

Dries Duyck says:

Bolognese is a meat sauce !!!

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