VEGAN vs ANIMAL FOODS | opposing perspectives with Kori Meloy

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I sit down with my friend Kori Meloy to discuss our opposing views with veganism versus animal foods. We cover nutrition, ethics, and planetary health. We also cover navigating friendships with opposing views centered around respect and open heartedness.

If you’ve followed me for any amount of time you know that I l advocate for and live a whole foods plant-based vegan lifestyle. Kori advocates for a way of eating which includes plants and animal foods like raw dairy, organ meats, grass fed beef and eggs and is often called The Pro Metabolic lifestyle.

In this episode we cover:
– Kori’s reservations coming on the podcast and the types of messages she receives about having vegan friends
– Navigating friendships with differing views
– Nutrition: Where we find common and where we disagree
– Can we be healthy and get everything we need from a plant exclusive diet?
– the bioavailability of nutrition from plants versus animal foods
– Saturated fat, is significant consumption of animal foods healthy or not?
– LDL cholesterol and heart disease
– Beta carotene and Vitamin A/ Retinol
– Are nuts and seeds health promoting?
– PUFAS and processed seed oils
– Are all ethical vegans big animal lovers?
– Is there an ethical way to eat animals?
– Factory farming and animal exploitation
– Planetery health: plant-based diets versus animal foods
– Regenerative Grazing: Is it sustainable for the population?
– Deforestation, ocean dead zones, water pollution and habitat destruction

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Emily Young says:

i really appreciated this podcast !! i have a lot of respect for you and enjoy your channel so much. what would be the first book you’d recommend to someone considering veganism ? specifically the health-side of things

Elizabeth Olson says:

Sorry Im with Dr Klaper. Their is no need for the animal cruelty now days with all of the options available. Whats next raising lambs on your property for humane slaughter. I gave up meat because Im an animal lover, period. No 2 sides here. You and your family are so healthy does your friend not have eyes . FFsake. Ive seen enough.

Briana Bergeman says:

I feel like the conversation was overtaken on the vegan side and I wanted to hear more from Kori 🙁

Hannah Nichols says:

Kori is so knowledgeable! Love love this convo!!

Aparna Jain says:

The video and audio quality is so epic, well done on the entire setup!

Hapoom says:

Definitely can tell that they are both mentally healthy and thriving in life 😍🤩 Inspired

Cashew Kelly says:

Great interview by both Ellen and Kori! I wish people would understand, when they encourage eating animals- they are standing with factory farming. And when people say that they only source grass fed, super happy cows etc. do they then eat out at vegan restaurants? Because if they don't, then they're eating an animal who was factory farmed. I find people feel totally fine when they insist they "ethically source" as a way to justify eating animals (thank you Ellen for talking about the reality of this) but what about the masses of people who don't have access to this? Whom you're encouraging a meat based diet to?💚

Kim Marbo says:

Props to you both!💞

Ecaterina Chirtoaca says:

This was great…. Way too long but great otherwise….. oh and I will continue to eat animals and plants )))

Abi Jane says:

This was awesome! much love to you both!💕

Taylor LaVerdiere says:

What did you think of the hard core really studied experiments in Kori’s links Ellen?

Teri Hoben says:

I love this conversation. I have friends who have very similar views to Kori, but I personally feel so much better eating a WFPB diet. Animal products just make me personally feel not my best. My friends and I are able to respect each other’s differences as well. I think it’s more common than we are lead to believe. ♥️

McCall Char says:

Elllllleeeeen!!! Thank you for having conversations like this so lovingly. Even though I don’t agree with you on everything, I feel like this is what our world NEEDS. We don’t need to agree on everything in order to treat each other civilly and to see the light and love in everyone.

Nutrition by Victoria says:

Animal proteins are 80-100% absorbable? That is some straight up psedoscience. Does this Kori chick have any idea what she is talking about? Animals foods are among the hardest to digest and absorb nutrients from. When cooked, their proteins become deranged, and contribute to elevated IGF-1 levels in the human body, of which can lead to tumor and cancer generation. They also have the higest level of AGE's of any other food. I get Ellen having her on this show, but lets not confuse people trying to stay Vegan with her rhetoric.

People in the world, especially Western countries are DYING because of their animal product consumption and it doesn't matter where it's coming from.

Sweetwater Oceans says:

I subscribed to Weston A Price, Sally Fallon/Nourishing Traditions for 2 years after an inspiring and thriving younger friend recommended it. I LOVED the idea that I could add so many tasty, rich, “ethical”, foods to my mostly plant and hunted meat diet and it would be healthy! I loved the diet so much. Long story short, I experienced several health issues I believe were related to that diet looking back. I went vegan for the animals after some inspiring events, not for health, and my health issues vanished! It’s been almost 4 years and I feel amazing still! I fear that if I hadn’t made a switch to veganism, the cholesterol and other issues I acquired those 2 years of metabolic eating could have impacted me much worse as I aged even though they were minor in my 20’s. Great podcast!!

Mayana Branigan says:

Such an interesting convo! thank you both!

Christian Williams says:

Cholesterol is pretty much an antioxydant. It is crucial for repairing cells. Now with any antioxydant that the body makes itself, if you're body is making too much of it , that means you are doing too much oxidative damage in your body, so your body is basically working too hard to repair the damage you are making. Mainly by doing something your body was never meant to be doing like ingesting animal products.

Ilana Green says:

Kori is the best!! Her Freely Rooted podcast is incredible!

Natalie P says:

I do appreciate open discussions and I really enjoyed this topic as an ethical vegan. However, because neither Ellen nor Kori are dieticians, I do believe a debate between a vegan dietician and an omnivorous dietician would make this conversation more credible in terms of discussing nutrition.

RawRealLove says:

I appreciated this podcast episode! I was Vegan for almost 8 years until recently (two weeks ago.) I lived a true vegan lifestyle, vegan for the animals. I never saw myself leaving the vegan lifestyle. I started to have health issues very suddenly. And through an ER visit, was told I was fine and it was just stress/anxiety. That did not sit right with me. I knew it was something more. I hired a Naturopath and that’s when I found out I was low in almost everything. B12 actually looked okay…not great but okay. It was all my amino acids, neurotransmitters, and other nutrients. That were causing the issues I was having. I lived the 80/20 lifestyle. I was very health conscious, holistic and natural… I took my supplements, thought I was doing all the right things. So… it was a big shock for me! I had a vegan pregnancy and breastfed my daughter for almost 3 years as well…all while being vegan. I see now through the bioavailability and missing fat soluble vitamins my body was depleting. And again, I felt good for a long time. Until it felt like my body was giving out on me. I have just recently started incorporating animal foods and the more I learn the more I realize there needs to be a balance of animal and plant foods. I appreciate Kori speaking about these things and I truly believe this is why it is so common to see people leave the vegan diet. I truly never thought I would. But you live and you learn through personal experiences.

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