The .41 Remington Magnum ~ Understated Excellence that Deserves your Attention!

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Marketed to the wrong customer, abused and derided by gun writers, given no “Special” version, and given status as second place behind the .44 Remington Magnum, it’s a wonder that the .41 Remington Magnum has survived for over 55 years. See why the .41 Magnum is indeed a wonderful round, and discover why it has been unfortunately neglected by the public that has needed just what it has to offer, and find out what so many handgunners have been keeping quietly to themselves! See why it may be your ideal handgun hunting round and find out why it should be complimented by a true “Special” version that was never offered. This cult classic round needs to be rediscovered by both the industry and the shooting public, because it truly ranks as the best of the Magnums!


Eric Judd says:

Thanks for sharing👍

Joseph Boisvert says:

This video was awful only because after watching it I simply had to add a .41 cal to my very limited collection…….Thanks for the great review… I think 😎

Gregory Olenick says:

I love the .41mag it is way under appreciated I have three of them a Ruger Blackhawk, Taurus, Marlin 1894

J Tapper says:

I think Bennie prefer’s the .44

VitoEb1978 says:

This video is right on the money, I’ve owned a S&W 57 6 inch since the late 80’s. Remington stopped making the 170 Gr JHP loading , so I have to hand load em ,when I go to the range and lite off the first six rounds, somebody will always walk up to me and ask, is that a 44 Mag ? And I reply no it’s the other one , I can see their brains trying to figure out what other magnum, then I tell em it’s a 41 Remington Magnum. Then they will say never heard of the 41 Magnum .

thom drums says:

Oooops! Typo accidental sent before correcting typo!
I MEANT being a 41 fan the only difference I could really tell in either gun was the much sharper report of the 41! This is all using comparable loads of course and barrel lengths.

mhlevy says:

I've got a very sweet Model 57, bought in 1989, and it's great for handloaders. I know that JD Jones has heavy bullet molds for hunting, but this is a wonderful plinking cartridge with light loads, and it's extremely accurate, that this handgun can shoot better than I'm able to. I used to use it in pin shooting matches, and it did a terrific job taking pins cleanly off the table.

Captain Jack says:

Gun Blue knows his stuff. He was saying how the .41 magnum was a new calibre in 1964 then he backed up and said there were pistols and especially derringers chambered in .41 calibre dating to around the 1860's. "True that!".

sparky_ 21310 says:

Yes revolvers are the best choice in my opinion for the hunting scene…i still find it funny when guys go out hunting with a semi auto 15 rounds plus 2 extra mags.

James says:

I once heard that Keith was willing to develope the .41 mag as the .41 special but Remington pushed for a magnum since the .44 mag went well.
I found the .44 mag works well in the Blackhawk style grip but not so well in the Redhawk grip. The Redhawk drives the recoil strait into you wrist where the Blackhawk rolls up in your hand.

Jon Perley says:

I love mine it's AWESOME!!!

thom drums says:

Also if you recall the lighter loads were called “ medium velocity” loads and they also did the exact thing for the .44 mag too. They had “ medium velocity” loads for it also. And I also agree about the confusion in the commercial loadings in both the .41 and .44 mags it could be confusing to non gun aficionados! Lol!

thom drums says:

Yes agree 100%! The .41 mag is my favorites large caliber handgun round. I got my first in 1978! It was a mdl 58 M&P. I later bought a mdl 57 6”. I did hand load back then also and have taken 5 deer and 4 wild boar with the .41 mag. Although I think the recoil reduction was listed less than 25%. If memory serves me it was 15% to 20% max although I’ve owned several .44 mags also and fired both right next to each other and can personally tell zero difference in the full house mag loads! lol! Although the .41 definitely has a “ crack” to the report that I’ve not heard with other rounds including the .44 mag in the same relative loading and fired from the same barrel lengths. Great you decided to help revive what I believe is the best “ old school” mag handgun cartridge!

Cristian Espinal says:

A bucket list gun for me is a Freedom Arms Model 97 in .41 Magnum with a 5.5" barrel. I don't own any .41 Magnum guns right now, but the cartridge has always had my interest. I balked on the .41 when looking for a magnum revolver and went for a .44 (S&W 629) mostly because I wasn't yet all-in on reloading and still wanted factory ammo options.

Bob Clifton says:

Bill Jordan was another proponent of the .41 Mag. He wrote about it in his book "No Second Place Winner".

John Morgan Jr says:

Are you VT/N.H.? Your accent reminds me of one of my troops in Iraq. He was raised on a dairy farm in VT. He's now a detective locally.🇺🇸

bill porciello says:

Call this the mystic of the 41 magnum fully explained. Thank you. It’s more popular then we think. Think about this we don’t see new ammo often because it’s sold out as fast as it shows up. Everyone goes straight to the 44 magnum. Funny most rifle owners don’t go straight to the 458 win mag. Lol the 41 mag is a good choice for the guys who can’t handle a 44 mag but want something more powerful than a 357 mag.
Thanks for explaining the 41 mag for the lame.

Jose Canisales says:

Got a beautiful S&W Model 58. I've had several over the last 40 years.

407ForRent says:

Thank you sir, you are a treasure.

The Accountant: New Orleans says:

What I did with my 41 magnum Ruger is this. I reloaded my cases. I would load the cases down a bit from full charges and use them for range shooting. I adjusted my rear adjustable sights for the 25 yard target. I would aim at 6 o'clock when at the range and the bullets would hit the center of the bullseye. When hunting I would just change to factory loads and the pistol would be automatically sighted on the blade at 150 yards. The blade was wide so you had to imagine quartering the blade at 150 yards to get a good shot. After a thousand or two rounds through that pistol it was sighted exactly at the center of the blade and when I shot it at 150 yards one day with other friend shooters that were shooting at the same distance they all had bigger groups than me. When they saw I was shooting a pistol better than they were shooting their rifles they all packed up and left…….never to shoot with me again.

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