Vegetable Pancake (Yachaejeon: 야채전)

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kall_me_krazi says:

This was my first video of yours. I LOVE your energy (&recipe), it’s infectious!!!

Thanks for sharing your light hearted high vibrational energy and yummy recipes with the world!

Sending loving energy everyone’s way! Namaste y’all!

Can’t wait to try this!!! I may add some extra spice! Haha

Bebernana says:

Thank u 😍

Kong Lee says:

Nice flip <3

Julie Kim says:

I went to Ecolint and Cornell. Looks amazing, I didn't know you don't use so much flour. I'll make it this way next time.

Mariel Barrera says:

I’ll definitely cook this for my hubby and I😍🤤 what other flour can I use to make this?🙏🏻

Saving peace says:

She flips like a boss

Claudia Salomon says:

Thanks very much for your amazing recipes look very delicious 🍒🍓

haritha nelapati says:

You are adorable ❤️

D S says:

Thanks for vegetarian recipes

hina1960 says:

You can make this gluten free with chickpeas flour with bitt of millet flour

Pinelopi Tzouva says:

Thank you so much! You're such a pleasure to my heart!

GabbieZee says:

I enjoyed watching and listening to her so much 🥺

m m says:

Maanchi, you are a such sweet teaser, I wish our for cook learning kids could have ur videos at their english lessons instead those boring books… at least partly 🙂

קומדיה הערוץ הרישמי says:

Love from Israel ❣

Nancy Lanier says:

Wonder if you could use Almond flour instead?

Rio 737 says:

Good flipping skill!

Kris A Lasky says:

Besides being so cute and beautiful, I love your food. Thank you so much for sharing xxx

Alicia Gogue says:

Yummy thank share u.thumb good job cook.

B P says:

Maangchi your are amazing you make me smile so much !

Elis Riet Braz da Costa says:

Eu fiz hoje! Maravilhosa receita! Moro em São Paulo capital

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