Vegetarian Meals Everyone Will Love

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Need new vegetarian meal ideas? Try these recipes!

00:00 Intro
00:10 Sweet Potato Gnocchi
01:44 Veggie Packed Lentil Loaf
02:48 Avocado Quinoa Power Salad
04:00 Hearty Black Bean Soup
05:38 Veggies And Couscous

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joy j says:

What nonsense how come egg become vegetarian are you lost your mind

madhu be says:

Vegetarians don't eat eggs.

Nivedita Soni says:

Eggs are vegetarian, hate you

AnimeOnline 791 • 0.5 mins ago says:

When you so hungry but don't have the ingredients

Swati Packirisamy says:

Vegetarians clicking on this video
Le Egg is added
Vegetarians who don't eat eggs : 👁️👄 👁️

TSAnupama says:

Indian Cuisine: Hold my beer

Easy And Healthy Recipes says:

Looks so tasty❤

Hikari Kitara says:

Lacks the seasoning, as expected. Shame.


This is such a satisfying video to watch

Francis Nguyen says:

In vegetarian meals, I squeeze like lemon 🍋 in the bowl 🥣 that will be delicious! 😋😊😀👌😄😁

julie Turner says:

I love the way you squeeze a lemon. Great idea!!!!!

Bella J says:

Thank I really needed this

Mwape Chisanga says:

Second comment🌻

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