7 Down-To-Earth Vegan Dinners & Naughty Vegan Chip Shop Curry Pie & Fray Bentos Taste Test & Review

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This one is stacked to the rafters with taste tests. Including the fray bentos vegan steak and kidney bean pie. The brand new Naughty Vegan chip shop curry pie. A pot of Itsu vegan noodles and of course, much, much more. Hope you enjoy. xx

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Lisette chat Bohemian hippy says:

Have been binge watching the last few days . Love the content food looks so yummy I've been vegan 8 years was vegetarian 32 years found out I was gluten intolerant 2 years ago … so unfortunately I miss out on a lot of the vegan goodies as they are 90% wheat based but I'm so happy to see lots and lots of amazing vegan food that will encourage new vegans and stop animal cruelty and suffering 💖✌


Try a sausage karen…..pissed myself laughing.

Vanessa M says:

Thanks for reviewing the Frey Bentos pies. I’m always on the look out for vegan tinned stuff that I can donate to our food bank. They normally get beans from me 🙂

Julie D says:

Jemima 😂😂 that’s my daughters name, she laughed 😃

Leonie Josette says:

My Partner always puts extra toppings ontop of a bought Pizza Lol
Likes extra spice to everything! likes his food on fire, where's I can't stand spice. Lol
Chicken Tikka is my limit. I had Amy's Kitchen French Country Soup for Lunch today with a little oven warmed crispy breadroll… it was lovely jubbly! X

Leonie Josette says:

Aubergine… she's ya Mum LOL bloody love it!!!
You guys always get naughty at meal times! Lol

catherine barlow says:

Jason you did make laugh at the end

catherine barlow says:

Mmm your salad this week look bloody lovely and your right about tinned meat pie there crap

Nikki Lane says:

(If you can get them) Tesco fishless cakes are yummy and last time I bought them full price they were only 1.50…bargain😀😀😀

Angela Clare says:

I got the Curry pies on Friday, not tried them yet as we don't have mushy peas, without them!! it's illegal in our house.

myles adams says:

Jason’s “by loves” was cute ☺️ 🤣

Join me on The dark side says:

Pie with salad lol… 🥗 🥧
No thanks
Chips or spuds with pie only its a Northern thing !!

Rainy Feathers says:

There goes another air fryer. We've been meaning to get one, see what argos has got going on🤔

David Jones says:

Bloody brilliant lads, some really nice and tasty meals there 🤘

Francie says:

What a fun video!!! I always get tons of inspiration from your meal videos!!!

Kellie Cockcroft says:

Oooh didn’t know Frey Bentos had brought out a vegan option. I used to hate the soggy bottom on them plus I always struggled to get the lid off the tin! Don’t think I’ll bother with the vegan one but great to see yet another company bringing out a vegan option 👍🏻

Ruby kaur says:

Naughty Vegan have it so right. They are the best vegan convenient meals. Can't wait to try both of those pies. My boys are not vegan but I have no doubt they will love the chicken and mushrooms style. You guys are fabulous. Look forward to most of your video's. Xx

frances sweeney says:

Hi lads, just wondering if when you get yellow stickered food to review, you could let's us know if you would buy the item at full price or not!! Yellow stickered at those prices its a no brained but its a different story when they aren't reduced isn't it?, thanks a million xx

tamcon72 says:

The Fray Bentos critique was hysterical. Fray Bentos: Reliably impossible to get out the tin since 1968. Everything else looks so delightful, though. Wish we could get Naughty Vegan's stuff here in the States, but it just invigorates my daydreams of moving to the UK and having a much easier time of living the vegan life [sigh] ThanksForPosting : )

Emily Brooks says:

Awesome vlog! Where did you get the parathas, they look amazing?

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