BEST Vegan Resources: Series 1 Compilation

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Links to all resources are in the description below!
Other “Series 1 Compilations”:
How to Go Vegan:
What Happens When You Go Vegan:

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine: and 21 Day Kickstart
Ornish Program
True North
American College of Lifestyle Medicine
National Health Association:
Vegan Outreach
Vegan Action
Mercy for Animals
Victoria Moran’s Main Street Vegan:
Factory Farming Awareness Coalition
Earthling Ed
Anonymous for the Voiceless
Direct Action Everywhere

Tabitha Brown @iamtabithabrown
Minimalist Baker @MinimalistBaker
Lauren Toyota @laurentoyota
Dr. Lamar Price Dynamic Health Solutions

VeganLinked @VeganLinked
Katya STRENGTH COACH @Gorbachevae
Cheap Lazy Vegan
Vegan Proteins @VeganProteins
Isa Chandra Moskowitz @postpunkkitchen
Gaia’s Eye @gaia_is_i

How Not to Die and Cookbook
Forks Over Knives Cookbook: 300 Recipes and Transitioning to Lifesaving, WFPB Diet
Flava My Plate
Vegan Voices
Kick Diabetes Essentials by Brenda Davis
Clean Meat by Paul Shapiro and
Eating Animals Jonathan Safran Foer
Animal Liberation Peter Singer
The World Peace Diet
What a Fish Knows
Meat is for Pussies

Love Over Fear:
Brotha Vegan
Queen Afua: Overcoming an Angry Vagina: Journey to Womb Wellness and Heal Thyself for Health and Longevity and Sacred Women and 84 Day Healing Journal
Optimum Health & Longevity: A Model for African Americans by U-Shaka Craig Ph.D.
Dr Sebi Mucusless Diet Made Simple and Food List:
African Holistic Health Dr Llaila Afrika:

Game Changers
Forks Over Knives
What the Health
The Dark Hobby

Brenda Morris
Claudia Lifton
Clifton Roberts
Curtis Vollmar
Gwenna Hunter
Hope Bohanec
Jerald Taylor
Jesse Tandler
Jim Corcoran
Josh LaJaunie
Katya Gorbacheva
Krissi Vandenberg
Larry Weiss
Madeleine Tuttle
Mary Finelli
Milton Mills
Morathi Howie
Nancy Arenas
Neal Barnard
Rae Sikora
Rebecca Moore
Russel Cantor
Ryan & Mallory Phillips
Sani Hefner
Victoria Moran
Will Tuttle


Kee-pyor Myndopen says:

I eat red meat and cause less suffering and death to sentient beings than every vegan I know.

Happy to respectfully chat with anyone to validate my claim.

Ann Prater says:

This is very helpful info. Many people asked me how and why. This!

Jessica Vegan Jessica says:

Awesome compilation!

Singu Larity says:

Has Facebook… ähm sorry Meta… stolen your logo?

Penny Nolan says:

Nigella Lawson " admires" people who go vegan. We don't want your admiration. We want you to use your notoriety to stop the torture and slaughtered of our fellow beings!

E R says:

Thank you very much 😊❤

bnk says:

​no brainer.. .go vegan for the animals and the climate. Forget your egoisme.

Wearephuct O says:

Hmmm, I just heard about this video somewhere 🤔

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