Vegan Jerky

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Jerky for Vegans


Carole Porter says:

It will be awful!
The best products that I have found, either vegan or vegetation are the ones that don't try to be a meat product!

SuperDixxxie says:

Seen thumbnail and thought you were in prison lol

Kakarot says:

Calm yourself down girls 😂

Matt Garnett says:

Since your review, they’ve increased the amount in each packet 😉

mel grant says:

Really looks like rab. C nesbitt in that vest.

Happy Days says:

After a bottle of tonic ud eat a bar of shite like a mars bar 😁

A DL says:

Great entertainment, really cheers you up

Alex Griffiths says:

The most contradictive narrow minded channel on YouTube. I watch for a good laugh at you thick fuck

Someoneyouknow… says:

Mini cooper has a deep voice brrrrrr 😂

Someoneyouknow… says:

He's my faveriout youtuber for testing foods

Jamie Osborne says:

This is the first of your videos that has pissed me right off. Nothing to do with you mate but VEGGIE JERKY 😡😡😡. That is an abomination!!!!!

nobi foreskyn says:

Love your reviews proper English man doing proper reviews and being totally honest. Keep up the good work sir

LEELEE_666 says:

🗡 they don't have a saw emoji so I used the sword 🗡 🤣🤷‍♀️

StopMakingSense? says:

where r u from in England pal????

NothingWorseThanACrunchyBanana says:

Mmm, Jerkeh.

Sam Woodley says:

“It better taste good, or I’m gonna take you to the cleaners here” By the look of it, I would irrespective of the taste.

chancoyt says:

It’s very spiceh it’s cheweh it’s very very much like beef jerkeh

Jack Grime says:

Vegan muck, expected bvm to steer clear of it

Lloyd Conway says:

Blue – the car enthusiasts of your channel would love to see a video of your Mini Cooper.

Carpe Diem Sons of Wallace says:

It's your Rab C Nesbitt vest 🙂

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