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Shreya, Sukanya, Aniket & Vishal try and rate each other’s Starbucks orders. Who do you think has the best taste? What do you usually order at Starbucks?

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Shreya Shetty says:

Watch till the end to see who the new gully boy in town is 😂😂😂😂

Dragon Gaming says:

What was that expression Vishal? 4:17 what?

クリスト says:

Every French citizen is triggered 😠😠

What Ever says:

I never went to Starbucks because it's expensive but looking at all these orders I don't think I'll be excited to go there even if I had enough money, I would rather go to Haldiram to fill my stomach.

Shrutika_ masterthegirl says:

"I wouldn't go to Starbucks to drink hot chocolate"
Me: bro Starbucks only have coffee and you can also make coffee at home so you don't need to go to Starbucks😎😎😎😎😎😎

Seven is heaven says:

I don't like whipped cream so 🙂😶
I order without cream ✨✨💖

Seven is heaven says:

I don't like whipped cream so 🙂😶
I order without cream ✨✨💖

Shaminder Sharma says:

Speak English properly

snehal mane says:

That #sobo accent of that winner girl😅😅

Itz oreo gaming 1803 !! says:

Shreya basically spends around 900 bucks for her order-

Shivangi Gupta says:

4:15 I lost my muffins at this

•ιтѕ кιℓℓє∂ мєн • 💚 says:

My usual order is a Java chip frappe and then I go to Marriot and as a titanium elite I get free brunch , and it is a great combo , u guys should try it !

Pramod Mewati says:

BTW I've never been to star bucks 😂

Riya Garbyal says:

Hazelnut cafe latte with almond milk and less ice 🤌🏼

Gojosensei says:

Girl in black sorry I'm allergic to awesomeness😂😂😂

Maanya Desai says:

I really want to have Starbucks but haven't had yet😋😋

Asdo Wayne says:

Now, I really want to see who have best juice order from stalls,
Best Momo orders
Best dosa orders
Best paw bhaji orders
Best biriyani order and just all
So please don't ever stop this series at all

Golu Kumar says:

Are kabhi hindi me bhi bol liya karo

SimplyyOmar says:

Ooh la la Monsieur est madame, it's not pronounced "crosson", it's pronounced "coason"

Prithibi Dasgupta says:


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