MW Magnum Animals 2m10s

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Magnum Commercial Eisstyling Foodstyling Proppa production
Los Angeles Markus Krank Assist. – Martin Werner Dir.



0.57 girl name

léa frazey says:

Me too, i want to find my totem animal , i think that a wild cat !!!!🐾🦁🦁

Jayashree Nath says:

Wow 😳😳

Rayaan Sah says:

This is soooooooooooooo cringe!!!!!!

Abiyan pro gaming says:

Ad of :Choco bar ice cream
Ad be like:zoo

The witch you couldn't burn. says:

Behind every bad girl, there is a good girl, who got tired of everybody's bullshit.

Kristóf László says:

Stupid feminist advert…..

The witch you couldn't burn. says:

The first girl is beautiful.

1millionPotato says:

Gucken dieWerbung schon seit Mehreren Stunden im Unterricht absolut zum kotzen!!!!

Tom Lawal says:

Sorry, but this was all for icecream??!!?!!

Mari Carmen says:

Those animals are beautiful, all of them are predators, but one of them is prey

Shirish Gawande says:

Hollywood director, Somebody must try to make a movie like this,means some special peoples having animal soul ,awesome

_JustASimp says:

I REALLY don’t why I searched this up


laakjshds me and my sister were acting like I'm the eagle girl and she's the black panther girl 😭

My Unique Attitude says:


Cybelle Araújo says:

Só esqueceram de dizer que é uma bomba calórica. E nenhuma dessas modelos não come isso e se come depois vomita.

Grim says:

Everybody Gangsta until Peta and Wildlife Athorities sees this ad

Anuhya G says:

ahh that crunch of the ice creame

Preethish says:

Everyone looked so cute in the commercial 😍

memeSquid says:

nostalgic add LOL

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