Vegan Full English Breakfast Recipe – Everything From Scratch

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A vegan full english recipe with all the vegan fry up favourites. Who doesn’t love a good old fashioned greasy breakfast. This vegan and vegetarian cooked breakfast is plain old salty goodness. It’s perfect for enjoying for a vegan big breakfast with friends on a drizzly Sunday. Or perhaps offering a little morning salvation after late nights of debauchery. Vegan, vegetarian, omni – this breakfast will satisfy all fry up lovers.

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Full English Recipe:
Seitan Sausage Recipe:
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Music credits: Travellin – Dyalla Swain
& Ibrahim – Cinnamon



0:00 Intro
1:20 Seitan sausages
8:20 Crispy baked potatoes
10:15 Baked beans
11:51 Roast tomatoes
13:09 Tempeh bacon
15:10 Scrambled tofu
16:26 Fried mushrooms
18:12 Finished breakfast & b-roll
19:00 Outro


Jyoti Kongrailatpam says:

Can't wait to try this recipe ☺️

Andy McCullough says:

First time I have seen a sausage that looks like it has the right texture for a breakfast sausage, and the bacon looks excellent too.

I like the fact that you are using basic ingredients rather than buying in flavourings or additives.

Ilaria Vitolo says:

He had me at the "good, large, sausage kind of seitan" comment.

nicky cleere says:

Vegan black pudding

truefuschniken says:

Loved this!!!! 😁

playingwithdarkness says:

This has inspired me to start having fun with cooking again! I've been in a rut since the first lockdown. This looks absolutely delicious.

Carolina La Más Fina says:

I love your videos. Can't wait to try this. Thank you, Hugo ❤️

Gratia Pelicane says:

I really like the way you cook👍☺️

Gazi's Kitchen & Vlog says:

Wow just yum yum

Mangos says:

I’ve never had a full English and have always wanted to, so this gave me a bunch of ideas for how to make my first attempt.

Also a little bit of advice for the tofu scramble, see if you can find some black salt because it gives food that eggy or sulfurous taste reminiscent of animal eggs.

Swarnima’s Passion says:

Hey Hugo! This looks amazingly delicious! Everything is just perfect! I have to skip tempeh and sausages cuz they aren’t available here but gonna make everything else😁 the baked beans recipe is the best. Which beans are you using though? Well definitely gonna try this and let you know💛 thanks for this❤️

Niels ten Have says:

Looks delicious. Will definitely give this a try soon!

Nadja Almondes says:

It looks amazing! Thanks for sharing!

n/a says:

Top knotch stuff!

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