Lemon Garlic Pasta with Vegetables ~ Ninja Foodi Pressure Cooker Recipe

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When you can have a delicious and beautiful dinner on the table in minutes, that’s a WIN worth celebrating! Fire up your pressure cooker and let’s do it! 👇👇👇 CLICK FOR RECIPE & DETAILS 👇👇👇

You can find the written recipe on The Salted Pepper website: https://thesaltedpepper.com/lemon-garlic-pasta-with-vegetables/

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Products I used in this video:

Citrus Press: https://www.pamperedchef.com/pws/thesaltedpepper/shop/Cooking+Tools/Fruit+%26+Vegetable+Tools/Citrus+Press/2595

Minor’s Vegetable Base: https://amzn.to/2Yu0LXS
You can visit The Salted Pepper’s Amazon store to see the products I use in my kitchen: https://amazon.com/shop/thesaltedpepper


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Kimberly Wilson says:

I love to binge watch you videos. I always notice your Parmesan cheese block. Where do you find it and do you store it in the fridge or elsewhere? I have heard different things.

Lisa Tiedgen says:

did i miss the sauté step?

Anne Perry says:

I don't understand. How can it cook on no minutes???????🤔🤔🤔🤔

22Pioter says:

Great recipe however I had to pressure cook twice with zero minutes time to make pasta cooked. I used spaghetti pasta and cooked 1/2 portion (for 2 ppl). It was worth because it came out so good that I going to prepare this dish again and again. THANK YOU 😋

Aranzza MX says:

Have you tried cooking this recipe with gluten-free pasta? it looks delicious

Teresa Echols says:

Not sure you will see comment this far out? I made your pot roast tonight, it was easy and really good! just wondering ? has anyone ever told you, that you look just like Alisa Silverstone? you are a great inspiration for me and A beautiful person as well, thank you.

Joe Smith says:

I have to admit… Not a single one of your recipes has disappointed at all for me!


It’s in my foodi ninja right now and smells soooo amazing

Ll Walker says:

How to alter this to add raw shrimp???

Kevin Sanders says:

8:06 I'm so glad you mentioned something about the button color here!.
I've been so confused why my Ninja button is silver yet every video and picture I've seen online it is red (and even my manual says it is red).
I started to wonder if I was missing a component.

Angela D says:

OMGosh this was so good! Only thing I did different was add fresh mushrooms when I added the tomatoes and baby spinach, and it was perfect! Definitely a favorite. I just got my Ninja Foodi and I really enjoy your recipes and tutorial videos, thank you Louise!

SCRcreations by Melba Guio says:

This dish look amazing!! love it!!

Ashe Rivero says:

Tried this last night. Diced up some squash and zucchini and followed your advice on the written recipe about waiting to add at the end. Sauteed on low/medium for a few minutes with the spinach and turned out perfect. Thanks for another great recipe!

Christine says:

I made this with 1 pound of bowtie pasta (4 min under pressure), along with violife mozzarella and extra raw garlic at the end and it was delicious! 🙂

Ruth McKenzie says:

I made this tonight. Did it all on sear/sauté tho so took a bit longer than your method Louise. It was delicious. Thank you for all your advice and recipes. Greetings from wintry Scotland ❄️!

Bionic Joey says:

THAT looks like my kind of meal!

sweetdragon36067 says:

I made this dish, although I cheated a little by adding left over Barbecue ribs and extra Parmesan cheese. It was very good. Thanks.

sweetdragon36067 says:

I had no experience with using a pressure cooker, but with these recipes, I have really enjoyed using it: partly because when I screw up, little time has been wasted and have time for my second and successful attempt. Thank you for what you do.

Tanya Sorensen says:

Do you think zucchini would taste good in this? Never had anything like this but seems like it would be good. 🙂

Megan Thackery says:

What salt container is that? I’ve seen you using those pretty wooden looking containers and they are so cute! Do you have a link for where you got them?

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