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Today I tried to see if I could make vegan fried chicken from grapefruit peels! I came across a video from Sauce Stache & other people online making chicken from grapefruit peels and noticed they were all using eggs or milk. So I wanted to test out to see if I could make this Vegan! Let me know in the comment section what hack you want me to test next 🙂


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Jeffrey Rafuse says:

You know what I'm thinking is to try recipes like this and not so much compare to the meat, but that's because don't have craving for meat since I stopped eating it.. I do love your creations of the meat dishes though, totally the edge.. this dish looks delicious and I'd love to try it sometime in the future 💐💕 thank you Candice

CICIII says:

Tysm for the captions❤️

0000000Lara says:

That´s slave´s food. Ive seen videos and everyone agrees that it tastes like shit. So stop the fakery.

Bea's world says:

Vegans are crazy get the real one and safe time

Tuli says:

This would work better with Pomelo rather than grapefruit

Everything Maintenance says:

lost me at GD impossible bye bye

Jaishema James says:

If seasoned and spiced well with spiced will be a substitute…it can be soaked and squeezed out after hours to remove bitter

JoAnne Andrews says:

Hey, Candice. I made your soy curls popcorn chicken last night, AND used the same flour blend for oyster mushrooms today. Soooo good. I think I'm gonna make grapefruit peels these with that method. Have you tried that yet?

Rosa Jimenez says:

Cubans have been under a food shortage since the 60s. Sinc communism took over the Island. Not just in the 90s

human taste says:

Can’t believe people actually eat stuff like this

Jaishema James says:

She is such a comedian

Heide Carrion says:

I don't think I would ever bother with this. It doesn't seem worth the effort.

lisa hayden says:

What did I learn from this video ?
1. How to properly bread and fry grapefruit peels.
2. And that a properly fried grapefruit peel doe not taste like chicken

Adam Meek says:

ay nuthr? u daft wuman – it's AN uthr. LURN inglis.
'a' as in Ago Alive Anew.

And it's just AS we du..

Mimiru Doll says:

Its nasty AF…! I won't put that compost crap in my mouth! 🤢🤮

The jackfruit KFC Chicken you made is bomb! I'd eat that any day! 🤤👌

Christopher Lucas says:

Chuck fil-a marinates their chicken in pickle juice. I'd bet that it would work well for this.

indigo_blue _s says:

I tried it, marinated it 24h prior and it was awful! Bitter and really the furthest thing from chicken. Please don't bother, this is so missleading.

cozy cas says:

Wait why didn't you cut them into quarters first and then try to scrape the juicy part out that would have been so much easier 😩

cozy cas says:

The amount of effort that goes into this I'd rather just buy actual vegan chickn, they're about the same price anyway lmao

Lucy Irace says:

tried it gross

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