Top 10 Reasons Not To Become a Vegetarian

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Top 10 Reasons Not To Become a Vegetarian

Vegetarianism is becoming more and more common with time. Some think of it as a healthier choice, while others do it to prevent animal abuse. An extreme case of vegetarianism is veganism. Vegans don’t eat any animal products, including dairy products like milk and eggs. Here are ten reasons why vegetarianism being a healthy choice is a myth.
Number 10: The Hypocrisy of Vegetarianism
Number 9: Meat Probably Doesn’t Cause Cancer
Number 8: Our Ancestors Ate Meat
Number 7: Not Eating Meat Is Bad For the Environment
Number 6: Red Meat Can Prevent Certain Deficiencies
Number 5: Vegetarianism Does Not Necessarily Help You Lose Weight
Number 4: Soybeans Are Toxic When Eaten Raw & Soy Products Pose Potential Dangers
Number 3: Vegetarianism Can Turn You into a Methane Machine
Number 2: Vegetarianism Can Lead To Poor Bone Health
Number 1: Meat Is Delicious

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7 Years ago says:

Good video ,I eat (meat+rice+salad) everyday

Cloudy Pixie says:

UMM im not a vegan but…. THIS MADE ME LAUGH UNTIL I FELL OFF MA CHAIR!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂

Sidd says:

Just reported the video as misleading

Aisha Gaming says:

Fuck off please I am vegetarian and it is not really bad

some random codm noob says:

people who dislike this has low nutrition

MM-_-ns 2004 says:

See the cycle of life is that the prey eats plants and the predator eats the prey and vegetarians are literally breaking this cycle btw did you know that if a pregnant woman keeps her vegetarian diet during pregnancy the child will born with lack of blood cells

Singinactressjuliana H says:

For number eight: we are all finding ways to be better people and improve

i quit YouTube says:

I will send this to the vegan teacher

☁Kiki☁ says:

im a vegetarian and i dont know if i can digest meat anymore because i get nausea while eating meat plus this video is very inacurrate and poor animals are being killed and before being killed they dont get any light and are kept in cages

davian radulovich says:

What so killing animals is fine but letting animals reproduce even faster and inevitably eat most plants, humans are fucking animals we are apart of the food chain grow the hell up.

davian radulovich says:

Most of this is true

Sumia Ahmed says:

I already a vegetarian

Shubham Shrivastava says:

Idiot! do your research properly

Da_chosen o_n_e says:

bruh so what if our ancestors ate meat

Da_chosen o_n_e says:

dude i have been vegitarian for 15 years(yes i am 15 years old) and i have always been the healthiest kid in my school you just hate them don't you?

Shivangi sharma says:

Bakchodi 100%
Logic 0%

NiceDevil says:

Meat is toxic raw as well lmao

Max Karaev says:

False logic and misleading info.

Sergi Sanz 01 Hotmail says:

Plants are not animals

Homo Sapien says:

1. this channel sucks

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