Vietnamese Vegan Hot Pot (Lẩu)

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Vietnamese hot pot is such a nostalgic meal; it’s a great communal family dinner where people get to stew their favourite noodles and vegetables and enjoy them together! I’ve veganized it with my mother’s guidance to recreate this as a vegan hot pot for you to try at home!


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♡ Where do you live? – Hamilton, Ontario, Canada 🙂
♡ Where do you find mushroom broth powder? – Asian grocery stores have it. I show what the packaging looks like in this video:
♡ What’s up with your skin? – I have eczema, and atopic dermatitis on my hands. I share what I do to help my skin in this video:
♡ Is YouTube your full time job? – No, I work part-time in marketing 🙂
♡ What does your logo mean? Why isn’t your logo using the Vietnamese flag? – Actually I use the South Vietnam flag because it represents Viet Kieu (Vietnamese immigrants after the fall of Saigon), my parents were both boat refugees before immigrating to Canada. My logo combines two parts of my identity: Maple leaf because I’m Canadian, and the South Vietnam flag because I’m Vietnamese 🙂

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G. O. says:

Do you know how to make a “CLAY POT” rice with tofu & vegetables? I have for years been searching for the technique, because my favorite restaurant was Vietnamese. But, I moved and it closed. Help!

Sen Tarot says:

cảm ơn chị đã cho ra đời kênh thật hay và ý nghĩa ạ.❤️

Jocelyn Gonzalez says:

Where does one buy that vegan fish? I've been looking for it but I can never find it

Zachary Williams says:

cant tell you how happy i am to see okra

Priyanka Ankhiwala says:

Hey,Thank you so much for yummy recipe😋
I badly want to try it.can you please help me ,where can i find puffy tofu,vegan shrimp and fish?

glory wanglar says:

Too much speaking

Marina from Soul in the Raw says:

what mushroom broth powder do you use?

Arson소니 오니 says:

Oh man ur so personable I’m definitely trying this❤️

Tiffany Williams says:

Oh my god where were you all my life! I’ve been vegan for two years and you just said the magical words of Bún bò Hué! And its vegan!!! 😆😆😆 I love you thank you 🙏😭❤️

o j says:

that is american ; i don't understand nothing 😠

o j says:

you speak english with the spead of a race car 👈 ! Wouah ! Amazing !….but….but…

Fannylijn says:

Hello! I couldn’t find daikon at my local asian market 😞 what can i use instead?

Damian N says:

I just learned that you can also add soy milk (unsweeten) to make your broth creamy.

Jemmz Heares says:

My Chinese boss gave me his spare gas cooker and showed me where to get the best hotpot ingredients and dipping sauces. Despite me being vegan and that crippling him emotionally 😂 we’ve really bonded over our love of hotpot

RockBell StormCloud says:

I wanted to ask if a regular cooking pot would be fine to make a hot pot in? Or is there a specific kind?

tofumagazine says:

I had a hot pot just yesterday in Da Lat, and it reminded me that I really should eat them more often!

Sylvie Rouhier says:

Hi! I’ve never seen the vegan shrimp before! 🙀 Where can I buy it??

couchlyf says:

Oh gosh I miss Saigon Lotus so much! I will definitely be trying your hot pot!

Abi Probets says:

Can you make hủ tiếu or homemade nước mắm chay?

Panda Princess says:

I love when you and Janelle get together, the endless laughter is contagious 🙃

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